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I could use some info. Anyone with tips on background checks and police reports?

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I heard BM was arrested last wknd but I don't know what for. Can anyone tell me how long it would take for it to show up on a background check?

And where is the best place to get the background check? There are several online, but I'd rather not spend the money if they're not any good.

Anyone know what happens or what the timeline is for someone who got a DUI or DWI in Texas. We don't know if that's what happened, but we noticed she had the ex-fiancee's mom drive her home after the police were done with us and she left her car at the day care. We are now wondering if it was because she had her license taken away and the officers may have told her she wasn't allowed to drive???

Any info or directions would be appreciated, you guys are great.



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You can call the courthouse in the jurisdiction where it occurred and they can run one for you. My husband and I had to have background checks run on ourselves when he adopted my son (yeah, stupid, I know, but that's the law) and it cost us ten bucks each.

You can go online to the DMV website and find out how to get someone's driving record. That will tell you about any restrictions on the license. There's a fee, but not a big on. In some states, you can order the record and pay for it online.

Now, in some larger areas, you can get everything you need online. Where my skids live, you can get car accident reports, arrest records, warrants, incarceration records, court records and pretty much anything else you could want online for free. That's how we found out that their stepfather had been arrested, had an accident with SS in the car, etc. But for smaller cities or where it's not available online, call the courthouse first.

I'm not sure how long after the event takes place that the records are available, but in this day and age, I don't think it takes long. The arrest record would be available now and if you call the police dept., they should be able to give you a copy of it now for free. You can do it by name (hers) and by address. Doing it by address, you can request ANY records for ANY calls the police may have had to make at her address.

First, call the PD for the arrest record from this incident. Second, call the courthouse to get a background check to determine if there's anything else background. Last, request DMV records. None of these are "private" records, so you shouldn't have any problem.

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Before you spend the money, check the newspaper archives local to her area, some smaller papers post arrests.

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and here you can pull up records by OC Superior Court and see all kinds of records. But I don't know how soon they are updated.

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I live in Maryland. Here if it is public record you can search the Maryland Judiciary Case Search online. Records & court case information are updated daily. You will have to google case search for the state you live or call the clerk of the court for the state in which you live. Offense's such as traffic including civil and district court violations are public record and easy to obtain on anyone.
It's kinda scary actually.

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I'm in Colorado, but I went to the local police department and requested the arrest record of one of BM's boyfriends. Cost me $15, it's not really a background check - just what he was arrested for. If they are on parole or probation, you can check what their convictions at the Department of Corrections Inmate Search for your state.

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for them to actually be convicted of a crime first before you can get a background check on anyone? Maybe things are different where I am from, but you are not guilty until a court of law convicts you here, thus nothing showing up on any criminal record.