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All kids came him this morning to celebrate Xmas morning

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And who ends up pouting?

You bet! Ss14. $20 was missing from his stocking/ may have fallen out or never made it In but that's all he could focus on. Even after the surprise trip to Disneyland.

All kids got $80 in their stockings, disney trips for next week, gifts under the tree... But poor SS couldn't find the missing $20 so he poted. Couldn't give an answer regarding his favorite gift.

I told dh that this was unacceptable and not only his he pouring after receiving about $500+ worth of gifts but he also didn't say thank you. I also asked dh if he appreciated the gift from SS (which by the way was non existent). Of course my kids had gifts for both of us - both individually and as a group

At least dh said something to him as after my little blow up. SS said thanks. Two seperate times and said he's excited about the trip.


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I agree! Sometimes, I can't help but think life itself (at least mine anyways) would be better if not for money and material possessions. It's a sad sad world thanks to people like our skids!

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A 14 yo FAILED to get his father a gift and his Dad said NOTHING?????

Jesus Christ. Way to impart manners, Daddy-O.