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I told DH that we were DONE doing anything for BM

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The waste of human DNA that is the BM texted DH yesterday. She has finally sent off the package of Christmas presents to my Son (SS14). She told DH that she threw some gift bags and tissue paper in there too; and asked if he would make sure they were wrapped up and presentable for SS14.


Okay, not only did you scam a charity to get gifts to give your Son; not only did you send them a month LATE; but you couldn't even be bothered to wrap them yourself? And you expect us to wrap them and make them presentable for your son...

I will no longer allow DH to cover for her. If she wants to make SS14 an afterthought; and treat him like a second class citizen that is HER doing. I will not shelter and protect SS14 from the truth. I will comfort him and love him and sooth his wounds when he realizes it. But I will NOT cover her but...and neither will DH.


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You are doing the right thing. It will be much less painful for the boy to learn to process who she is now, with the guiding support of you and dh, than to live a lifetime of fantasies and broken hearts as he plays her game for a lifetime. Teach him to deal with the real world -- he will become a strong young man who can handle life and won't fall into the booby traps she sets.

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My 90 year old mom lives with me....3 of my siblings sent gifts to my house with a request to wrap. WTF was that "this is a gift box" on Amazon to hard to find? I don't have enough to do? I guess like your BM the effort of buying a gift took too much out of them. But at least they sent a gift, they seldom call her or bother to see how she is doing. BMs are not the only sh**ty people out there.

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YES !!! SS is old enough to hear the truth about his mum....

simply tell SS, Mum said she's sending you some gifts, she knows it's late and she did not wrap it.... then wait for the parcel, I wonder what her excuse will be - got lost in the post? And if my miracle it does arrive... just hand it to SS

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Ss won't care. He is 14, I doubt he cares if a gift is wrapped up or not, he probably won't even notice. Don't do it it is a waste of your time. If your husband wants to (unlikely) let him waste his time.