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So much has gone down

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ExH finally said that I was right last night. He didn't actually apologize (because he's not able to do that) but he did say I was right and that he should have addressed his concerns directly with the principal a month ago when he originally voiced his concerns to me (and I suggested he speak with her). He agreed that that is not an appropriate way for adults to act (throwing the principal under the bus in front of her teachers, students, interns at a rehearsal.

Prior to this he attempted to make a meeting with the principal. He asked the principal why I was included. I have him a call, he yelled and hung up on me four times but i let him know that I was our daughter'a sole legal guardian. He had my permission previously to address his concerns with the school on his own but after this current episode, I was no longer willing to allow it. I will be in all meetings regarding my daughter moving forward.

Now I'm just turning the screws on him. Today I added him if he's neen giving our daughter her medication because I had a meeting with the doctor yesterday and Blah blah vlah. It's important. He gave a excuse that he was camping with out boys and he's not aware. I replied that if he and his wife are unable to fulfill their reponsibliities than I'm happy to have the kids more nights. He said he'll make sure that sm takes care of it.

Then he asked if this meant that our daughter was addicted to the medication. I told him that I'm just relaying the message I reveived from the doctor and he should speak directly with the doctor regarding his concerns.

He asked why the contact info was. I said "xyz medical, I've privided you the info before. Look it up on the web if you can't find it in your records. I think I've made it clear that I'm not your secretary and in not your wig so feel free to find the info"

He went back and forth a bit but finally conceded after I told him it's clear that him and his wife have no reapw t for me (my influence, my commitment, my education) and I'm done. He tried to send a "apology" stating that I do so much and I'm the only person he's ever known that does so much for her children.

I just responded:

Actions speak louder than words. See you tomorrow at our meeting"

Pompous ass. No idea.


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Yes. LOL! I asked him via text message if he knew who the children's doctor was. He threw out an excuse.

He has no idea. He has no idea about the way things will play out based on everything him and his wife do. And he has no idea that everything he says in writing, buries him even further.

I guarantee he'll never take me to court. He has no time as it is to do anything with the kids or meet with their teachers, doctors, etc.

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Um no. But he is. He wrote on our divorce papers in handwriting "I don t want this". He also cried when I told him I was getting remarried.... 3 months before his $30k wedding to his lovely wife.

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I feel very bad for the sm. She's married to him. Lol.

You're exactly right. He wants her to be a replacement. But (as we all are very aware) that will never happen

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I offer over and over and over again. He thinks his home is a wonderful place (think Norman Rockwell).

I've told him over and over that he is setting wife up for failure but, as stated previously, he's looking for new mommy.