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Our best source of info on the kids: school meetings

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Just got back from a school meeting with BM for SS6's school accomodations. I was representing DH because he's traveling and unable to make it.

I'm so glad we had the meeting because something very frustrating happened, as it often does: we learned more about the kids that their mother doesn't bother sharing with us.

Apparently SS6, who needs some accomodations at school for ADHD, is going to be assessed for autism. That's the first we have heard anything about worries of autism. Personally, while I'm not opposed to such assessments, I find that he displays signs of ODD (opposational defiance disorer) more than anything else and I'm hoping that gets some attention too.

It's also the first we finally were made aware of what medication SS6 is on for ADHD. We knew there were meds and we've been trying to get the info, but we've been stonewalled on doctor's names and insurance info and everything else.

I've been pushing DH to request all of this info again, but he is dragging his feet. Now that we're in a better financial situation, if he requests it and doesn't get the info that we're legally entitled to, I'll be paying our lawyer to get it for us.


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I'm glad you learned all this info! I'm sorry you've been stone walled out!!!

Conferences like this are a great place to learn what's going on.

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As angry as I am at he school right now after reading ProbablyAlready's blog, the school is where we get most of the info on SS. They gave us copies of his doctors notes excusing him for school. That was how we were able to track down most of the info we have. 

I just don't understand some of these BM's.