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I thought that when I go married I was getting a partner, not someone else I have to take care of!!! Still can't put fucking dishes in the sink or empty bottles in the recycling bin. And then leaves dishes he cooked his dinner in for me to wash- saying he'll wash hem but never gets to them.

Possibly no xmas present for SD

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We are broke and SD11 has everything and more that an 11 year old needs. She has so much stuff, she can't even think of what she wants for Christmas. I had gotten a coupon for a free wall calendar from Shutterfly and thought that since she loves pictures it would be a great (and cheap) present for her. I told DH about this two or three weeks ago, but told him he needed to pick out pictures and I would put it together. I reminded him once more but haven't since then.

A night to myself- FINALLY

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BM had her 3rd baby with 3rd baby daddy at the end of November. SD11 was the first, then second baby was born and we found out she had been taking pain killers and drinking all while pregnant. At that point 5 years ago we got 100% custody. Then in July, she starting going with her mom two nights a week. IT was amazing to get two nights to myself after 4 1/2 years of 7 nights a week with SD11. But when BM had her baby SD was with us and I hated it. I forgot how annoying it was to have her around ALL THE TIME!!

The laziness continues

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I get up this morning and come into the living room. What do I find sitting on the couch, well within DD1's reach- A FREAKING STEAK KNIFE!!! And a bag with his snacking trash in it... At least this time the trash is in a bag, except the bag isn't in the TRASH!!! But a steak knife! OMG so irritated!!!! The plate obviously made in the sink or dishwasher, so what the hell happened with the dirty knife?????

On another note...

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I approached DH about couple counseling.

He wasn't happy and didn't talk to me for a full day.

I have hit my breaking point with this marriage. It feels like I live with my best friend who is my roommate, not my husband. I mean he IS my best friend and I LOVE him so much. I just need to feel love and appreciated more in this relationship that is supposed to be forever.

Thankfully the therapist is one that specializes in second marriages.

Mouth Still Shut

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So the book report project is due TOMORROW and SD11 hasn't done anything on it. I asked if she had homework tonight and she did a "paper" (as any fifth grader does a paper) on an article the election. I read it and it was HORRIBLE! As a fifth grader she should be writing so much better. The wrong there, should have been their. No capitalization on state names, sentences that don't make ANY sense. And I didn't fix it for her because if I went through the whole thing and fixed all her mistakes, the teacher would think that she is a good writer, instead of a real crappy one.

Keeping my mouth shut

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SD11 is in 5th grade and we (really me) are trying to teach her to take responsibilities for her studies, such that we are not going to oversee everything.

She seems to think that because we don't nag her to do it, that it's not an issue.

SD birthday is coming up...

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On another note....

SD10 and DH birthday is the same day. And I'm an excellent gift giver- I listen really well and am good at finding things people will like.

Several weeks ago I tried to have a "come to jesus" talk with DH about how I'm tired of doing everything for the family and not getting a lot of help from him. He hasn't tried to fix anything or try to show me that he cares enough to help. And up until now I've bought all the birthday presents and Christmas presents for SD from "us."