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On another note...

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I approached DH about couple counseling.

He wasn't happy and didn't talk to me for a full day.

I have hit my breaking point with this marriage. It feels like I live with my best friend who is my roommate, not my husband. I mean he IS my best friend and I LOVE him so much. I just need to feel love and appreciated more in this relationship that is supposed to be forever.

Thankfully the therapist is one that specializes in second marriages.

This is after 7 months of conversation after conversation of me verbalizing what I need from this relationship and him not trying to improve the state of things. I don't think he realized it was a big problem until now.

I am hopeful for the future and although approaching him was one of the hardest things, I think it will be one of the best things.


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Hi! fellow Coloradoan here!

I'm soooo happy you got him to go. This will really help your marriage!

Marriage counseling turned my marriage around. You will be so glad you went.

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Thank you! This gives me even more hope for the future. And I love your signature, FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS BECOME STEP-PARENTS.

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Fellow Coloradoan here as well Smile I'm originally from Detroit though, so yeah, don't hold that against me! LMAO

I don't have any advice, just a hope that things work out for you! If you approach the counseling with an open mind and an eagerness to resolve conflict, it'll go that much smoother.

Good luck!