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Follow up

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I forgot to mention that two weeks ago SD11 comes running out of her room because there is a live mouse in her trash can trying to jump out.

A little background- SD11 is a slob and has trash, dishes and dirty clothes around her room, like a boarder along the walls. I have tried to not obsess, after all she is 10/11 and she isn't mine. Last year about this time I made her clean her room because I just couldn't handle it anymore. She found SO much mouse poop along the walls. I made her clean it up herself. Then this summer her room developed a smell that was SO bad I could smell it in the kitchen and living room. Disgusting! So I told her if she didn't want to clean her room then her door was to remain shut all the time. Found out it was all the dirty clothes, trash and the fact she had been sleeping on just the mattress, no sheets for months! The smell went away but all the trash came back.

Now flash forward again, she tells me there is a mouse in her room and I just laugh. I told her it was her own fault. There were old Halloween wrappers and dishes upon dishes in her room, of course this was gonna happen. Told her she had to figure out. Of course she freaked out and kept complaining to me about it.

Her dad took care of it later than night when he got home. Gross though. And of course, the room is developing the trash barrier. You would think she would learn a lesson, but nope. Just gonna keep living in her own stink I guess.


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I think you meant to say "Why doesn't her father MAKE HER clean up the room?"

Fixed it for ya.


11 is definitely old enough to be responsible to NOT have dirty dishes and garbage in her room. Her room may still have the "lived in" look of clothes everywhere, but there shouldn't be any garbage or dishes! gross.

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We live in an old house with a lot of holes along the porch and they get in, but are never really in the living areas of the house. I would love to get rid of all of them, but our landlord wont pay for an exterminator. But I haven't had a mouse in our bedroom- although I'm surprised with all of DH trash! DH is just clueless. I mean he knows her room is messy, but doesn't bother to do anything about it on his two days off. And I won't clean her room with her, it is such a pain in the ass!!! I've tried to go in with her and help her but it is more difficult. We are getting Direct TV installed on Friday and they will need to go in her room to put a box along with her tv, so I am just gonna take everything that is in my way in a big trash bag. I wont throw it away, but I'll have DH go through it and decide what she can keep. Funny thing is that she is with BM until Saturday night so she wont know until she comes home. And I'm doing the same thing with all the stuff on DH side of the bed that is in the way of access to the tv.