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A night to myself- FINALLY

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BM had her 3rd baby with 3rd baby daddy at the end of November. SD11 was the first, then second baby was born and we found out she had been taking pain killers and drinking all while pregnant. At that point 5 years ago we got 100% custody. Then in July, she starting going with her mom two nights a week. IT was amazing to get two nights to myself after 4 1/2 years of 7 nights a week with SD11. But when BM had her baby SD was with us and I hated it. I forgot how annoying it was to have her around ALL THE TIME!! We don't fight nearly as much when she's with BM, but when she's home all the time... it just sucks! So finally after two weeks of SD home every night with me, she is with her mom until Saturday night.

I don't think I can ever go back to 7 nights a week with her. I need my days to be just a mom to DD1.

Just wanted to share my excitement that I wont be fighting or finding wet tissue balls or anything to do with her for four days.


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we found out she had been taking pain killers and drinking all while pregnant

:jawdrop: Is the kid ok?

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No the second kid is really small for his age and has developmental problems. She was in and out of rehab like 4 times after he was born. She is sober now, or was because we had random UA's so hopefully she didn't do anything to ruin this third kid.