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Need tween girl advice!

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So I am constantly finding the bathroom door WIDE open while SD10 is showering. And it drives me crazy! Like seriously, close the freaking door. How hard it is it to close the bathroom door. I mean really the bathroom should really never be open anytime someone is in it. And with puberty right around the corner she needs to learn to be more private about this kind of stuff. HOW do I get her to close the freaking bathroom door???? Getting pissed doesn't work, otherwise there wouldn't be a problem, because I get pissed every time.


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Yes, I've asked her to close the door and that explained calmly with her that as things are changing, she needs to be more private with these things. She doesn't close the door when she changes either and after many times of being nice and calm, she doesn't listen, so that's why I get pissed. And talking calmly and explaining things doesn't work with her. I could talk until I was blue in the face and she wouldn't hear a freaking word.

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AMEN! As sad as it is only consequences work with SD. I like your advice and I would LOVE to slam the door, but DD9months is sleeping in the next room.

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Annoying, but definitely not something to be really pissed over considering all the other fun tween girl stuff. This is something that she has to be trained to do, which I would suggest Dad handle telling her it is inappropriate to leave the door open like that. You could at age 10 use a reward system and try to do positive reinforcement training, perhaps every time she closes the door to use the toilet, shower, or change, she can get a star on a chart and get a reward at the end of the week of some type. That's how I potty trained my SD when she was 4-1/2 after we got married and I refused to change her diapers or send her to kindergarten wearing diapers in six months.

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I keep thinking peer pressure will help in respect to her taking showers more frequently and brushing her teeth. But no one has told her she smells sweaty or her breath is horrible.

And I do get pissed because one should ALWAYS close the door when the enter the bathroom at that age. A younger child, maybe not, but past the age of 6 I think they are capable of handling bathroom things themselves.

A reward system worked when she was younger, but I don't what reward I could offer her at this age. That's why consequences work well because I have found it very effective to take away ipod privileges, cutting back bedtime and taking away bike riding privileges. But as far as a reward I don't know what would be effective enough.

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My advice would be to fit an automatic door closer, like they have on the doors on toilets in public places. You can buy them on amazon for about $30.