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I thought that when I go married I was getting a partner, not someone else I have to take care of!!! Still can't put fucking dishes in the sink or empty bottles in the recycling bin. And then leaves dishes he cooked his dinner in for me to wash- saying he'll wash hem but never gets to them.

This morning I went in at 8 am to give him DD1 because I had to go to work. He asked if I could just have SD11 watch her. Told him that he had to ask her to watch DD1 because I was leaving for work so it doesn't matter to me. His was reply was "really?" YES freaking! You want YOUR daughter to do YOUR job so YOU ask her.

I'm beginning to wonder if this marriage has a future and it's really sad. I'm tired of doing everything in the household, managing all the bills and schedules and home maintenance. I'm tired of taking care of DD1 all by myself and being more of a parent to SD11 than her real parents. I'm tired of not being appreciated for all that I do do, and being treated more like a mom/roommate/maid/secretary than a wife. I'm tired of nagging and feeling bad about wanting the house to be clean and organized.

I keep wanting to be happy in this marriage but the past year has been really hard and I don't see it getting better in the new year. Sad Sad Sad


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No words of wisdom here - just sympathy. Sounds like we are married to the same guy. And it's not like you were asking for his help so that you could go shopping or to the spa - you were going to fucking WORK. Ugh, these men are USELESS.

For my own sanity I have stopped doing anyone's laundry except for mine and my kids. I only clean up my messes and I have my kids only clean up theirs. My husband and SKids can pound sand.

It would be nice to have a clean house, but honestly no one's really going to see it anyways. Husband has NO FRIENDS and his family lives in a different country. And after the astoundingly rude behavior from my oldest SD on Christmas, I will no longer be inviting my family over to my house.

Next Christmas I will be packing up MY kids and MYSELF and heading to MY parent's house. Again, husband and skids can pound sand. And I always meet MY friends out for dinner. He can sit in his own filth for all I care.

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That is EXACTLY what I WILL be saying/doing IF my situation ever turns into what you and the OP deal with...if I haven't already told him to go fuck himself and left already that is.... Wink Blum 3