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Possibly no xmas present for SD

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We are broke and SD11 has everything and more that an 11 year old needs. She has so much stuff, she can't even think of what she wants for Christmas. I had gotten a coupon for a free wall calendar from Shutterfly and thought that since she loves pictures it would be a great (and cheap) present for her. I told DH about this two or three weeks ago, but told him he needed to pick out pictures and I would put it together. I reminded him once more but haven't since then. DH told me two weeks ago that he hates it when I treat him like a child, so I think that an adult doesn't need to be constantly reminded to do something.

So here we are, a week before Christmas and no pictures and no gift really because how is it going to be here in time. SHE is HIS daughter and therefore HER gift is HIS responsibility. I'm not going to bring it up because if I keep saving him then he wont ever learn his lesson. I bought a few stocking stuffers so at least she'll have something I guess, but I'm sure as shit not going to feel guilty because the kid honestly has everything the needs and wants (SO SPOILED), and she has Christmas at BMs the day before, then on Christmas day we are also going to my parents house for presents and DH's families house for more so whatever.


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I wouldn't feel guilty, either. If SD11 has a fit about it this year, I bet DH won't drop the ball next year. BTW, I think you were really nice to buy the stocking stuffers.

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If I were in this situation I know I'd want to remind myself that this is DH's baby but deep down wouldn't want her to think of her dads side of the family as the family that doesn't give me gift....maybe he could use the calnder idea and just him and her pic the pictures together and than design it all and havve it sent so she'll know it wasn't so much about a gift as a gesture of doing something as a family on christmas. Just a suggestion, i quit going all out for my skids two years ago.

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Target's $1 isle has good ideas. They even have calendars and planners for a buck.

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SO not your problem. I haven't even mentioned SD13 to DH this year in terms of presents. I have no idea what, if anything, he has in mind. She is also super spoiled and her mom gets her every new gadget imaginable, so I really couldn't care less if she doesn't get anything from us.