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The laziness continues

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I get up this morning and come into the living room. What do I find sitting on the couch, well within DD1's reach- A FREAKING STEAK KNIFE!!! And a bag with his snacking trash in it... At least this time the trash is in a bag, except the bag isn't in the TRASH!!! But a steak knife! OMG so irritated!!!! The plate obviously made in the sink or dishwasher, so what the hell happened with the dirty knife?????


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I'm right there with you lost. I ask over and over to please pick up garbage and rince and put dishes into the dishwasher. I'm constantly amazed at how laszy not only skids but biokids can be. I have also found a bag of trash on the couch or coffee table but not in the can. I also just stand there flabergasted.

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I experience this daily. My stepkids are almost 12 and 13, and no end in sight to lazy, argumentive behaviour. For years before I met their mother, she herself had little motive to clean house it seemed, undergoing some depression, but her kids followed suit, all the while being spoiled and allowed to rule the roost. That issue aside, if I don't clean the house, it gets disgusting fast. My wife is constantly telling me that I pick on her kids and favour my own. It's really not the case. My kids clean their own room, use the garbage pail, shut lights off, flush the toilet...things that anyone with an IQ of 3 should be able to accomplish. Wife's kids have to be pushed into everything. Sometimes they get so zoned watching TV that they can't hear us talking to them. I know we're all supposed to try to love our step kids and bond with them, but I doubt I will ever be there emotionally. I'm tired of lazy selfish kids in my life. I do have one solution, if it applies to you guys, all the better...Once a week I go through their rooms (I do this to keep food wrappers and candy wrappers in the trash before insects invade) Whatever is on the floor, I throw it toys, books, whatever. When they come home and see their rooms clean, I tell them that whatever was on the floor is now in the garbage. They get a shocked look on their face...(and my wife reluctantly goes along) and really, it hasn't changed much in the way of their cleaning habits...but soon enough they won't have much in their rooms to play with.