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Hey Gals, I've missed you.

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I'm sorry I haven't been there for you in the last few weeks, things have been alittle crazy. I will keep this brief as possible.

SD12 stayed with us for almost a month. DK made it very clear the skids are at least trying the move. So the little bedroom still has some of her stuff in it. They all leave by 9/1. 2 hours away.


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Wow, I've been busy. I got a second part-time job at an animal hospital. I am so happy to be back in the feild and back to a full-time schedule.
I can't believe my Bio girl is leaving in 3 weeks for college. That's going to be a cry fest.
I can't believe SD12 has been with us for 3 weeks and is staring to talk about living with us. BF had court yesterday with DK, who still hasn't found a place to move to. Anyway she got snotty with him and said 'you do know she is coming with me when I move'. All I can tell you is if this does happen, it's going to be one hell of a fight.

Quick Update.

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SD12 is an absolute pleasure to have. She did leave sat am to spend the weekend with DK and is due back Monday night. I would be fine if she where to move in for long term.

We have SD12

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I can't believe it.
I will spare you all of the drama caused of the fight between DK & her Brother. After 3 months of quietness. Our phones rang off the hook from ALL of them, day in and day out, since last Sunday at Midnight.
My head was spining, but I'm O.K. So is BF.

Thank God for SD16

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I just got off the phone with her. They are NOT moving today. They did move out of the house they shared with the Brother. DK is up north and is job and house hunting. They are looking to move up for August 1st. In the mean time, the kids are spread out.
One is w/DK at a friend's, one is w/ their Grandmother, Sd16 doesn't know where SD14(turned 15 today) is staying and she is staying at her BF's. We talked for a while and she wants me & BF to call her later.

As I think, why the F**King drama at midnight.

The Midnight Phone Call

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It was DK's Brother. ((What now??????))
Gosh, how do I give you gals the short version.

Brother has diarrhea of the mouth. Spilling all sorts of beans, the biggest being that DK is taking the girls & moving 2 hours north of us in a couple of days(so they can be closer to DK's 'Captain America' BF) DK told the girls and him to keep the move a secret. But Now Brother & DK had a huge falling out. DK left the house at mid-night with the girls headed who knows where.

My wounded BF

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We are still sorting through the tax stuff. 2 days ago we found out in 2000 when they closed a 401K, BF mark the box that said 'take the taxes out of this check'. DK changed it before sending it in. She took extra money for God knows what, and now that is getting added on to this train wreck. The tax stuff will get through, but it's his feelings right now that is the problem.

He is so freaking hurt by the fact she did this to him while he was under the immpression the marrage was fine.

Any extra advice on how to fix something that you didn't break.



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We lived through the Graduation weekend. A couple of more cry fests. Not too bad. I did have a baby 17 and a half years ago. And now she is a young adult. She is who she is. I can carry only soo much guilt. I know I was/am not a perfect parent, but I must have done something right. And now I am getting married. The date is set. October 27th, this year. And with the love of God, we will be dropping her off at her College dorm on August 22nd. And she will come home and be our the junior bridesmaid.