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Where's the other baby news?

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Caitlin should be having a strawberry any day now. Anybody hear anything yet???


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Every time I log in, I hope to see her name for some baby news...hoping everything is going well for her and her family.

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I think Caitlin responded to sweetthing's announcement by saying that she was still waiting, a bit overdue . . . we are all sending good thoughts! -Gwen

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Skye22 is supposed to be due anytime now too if I remember correctly. Isn't it funny how time flies when your venting? LOL!
When I first began lurking, and then eventually joining, I remember all the pregnancy announcements. Now we've come to full term! Geesh!

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You got that straight. I can't beleive how fast time is going. And all that has happened to us even in my short time on this site. Sometimes I sit and just read my own headlines under my blog.

Anyway, Cait, Skye, were waiting with you. Hoping for 'smooth sailing.'.


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