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We have SD12

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I can't believe it.
I will spare you all of the drama caused of the fight between DK & her Brother. After 3 months of quietness. Our phones rang off the hook from ALL of them, day in and day out, since last Sunday at Midnight.
My head was spining, but I'm O.K. So is BF.
I don't understand CPS. BF saw their house this Friday and said it was a "toilet". Does CPS know their job?? When I called them, I even said, "I think she is divorced, but the Father is involed, will you contact the Father?" I got, "oh, yes. we will do everything to contact both parents." CPS DID go there. Everyone told us. So why hasn't BF gotten a call?
We have SD12, SINGING, We have SD12.
Save who you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The plan is she will stay with us unit Augaust 1st, when DK is supposed to have a new place for them to live.

SD12 and their 17 year old cat are safe upstairs. ( of course our kitten is pissed ).


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My dropped when I saw your subject line!! I am so happy for you!! *Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight* sorry, couldn't resist. Still grinning here!! Yea!!


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I'm so glad you guys have her. Now, I'm wondering... any chances of KEEPING her? Do you think BM will get herself on track enough to provide a decent home for the girls going forward? BF will likely hear back from CPS via a form letter and that could take a month or so. Doesn't mean they aren't doing anything, just means he hasn't gotten the letter yet. I am wondering, though, because if they found anything bad enough to warrant removing the children, they would certainly have notified him ASAP in person. I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

~ Anne ~

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When BF & I asked SD12 if she wanted to stay with us, there was no hesitation. Nor can I believe DK was O.K. with it.

Thanks for the dance laughter. And we have to figure out how to "make a little love" with her in the house.

Anne, I don't know. But this would be a great trial period.

"May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house." George Carlin

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So glad for you. It is great to hear that one of our fellow moms made progress. Maybe you just got the turning point that you needed.
Hugs, Hugs, and more Hugs.... Oh, and CPS is clueless. No matter what state. They are there solely to harrass the innocent!!

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CONGRATS on getting sd. I agree If you need CPS for a real problem you really have to be a bug to them and keep calling.But you could just enjoy this time with sd hopefully it will not end.

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bouncing happyily for ya!!!!

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