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Finally, they are doing something about SD, not just making it look like it.

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So, SD14 sitting a foot away from DH, my two brothers, and myself, tried talking SS10 and nephew 4 into touching her breasts. She got removed from the boys' presence and got in trouble. She then told her babysitter the next day when DH took me out to dinner, "All I have to do is go back to school and tell another lie and I won't be able to get in trouble anymore because my teachers already don't like my parents." That was the last straw for DH. He called the lady who recently finally decided to start helping us with her and told her that is was in her hands now and he would go along with whatever she says to do. We take her to be admitted to a behavioral health center tomorrow. They are going to keep her for 6-8 days for evaluation and therapy and then tell us where she is to go from there. We can finally be a normal family without being afraid she might come in contact with a child or animal. FINALLY!


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Oh man I am SO excited for you guys!! Finally this is happening for someone!

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