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Ever wonder what life will be like for your skids when they get older?

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For those of us with younger skids. I have both SD12 and SD23 and SD21. If I go by the shining example of the older two it will be pretty bleak Sad SD12 is smart but very spoiled and entitled. She manages to get good grades even though EOW she is with BM she goes to school 2 days max. I don't know how she pulls it off. I can just see her in college flunking out because the mean teachers don't like her or some other lame excuse. Because left to her own devices she will not go to school. The only reason she goes on our week is because SO won't put up with it because he doesn't want to hear me bitch }:) He used to fall for her "I'm sick" line every freaking time!!

I'm thinking of her actually holding down a job. When she is "sick" and doesn't feel like going in, or when she has to actually work!! I mean it scares me to think that this kid will never move out :jawdrop: Or we will be supporting her ass forever!!

If she can't go to school on a regular basis how will she go to college or hold down a job?? I didn't think it was rocket science for parents to make these rules with kids. SO and BM let her do whatever she wants because she is "baby girl" and she is special and they think everyone should worship her like they do. SO was really good and setting up structure and boundaries for her in the beginning but now he seems to resent it. I think that this poor child doesn't stand a chance Sad


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All the time.

Both will be in shock about the fact that it doesn't actually rain money. I can't imagine how they will live without brand name X or the newest electronic.

I have been setting up the idea for a while that no kids will live in our home past HS graduation. College is a possibility, but not likely. SD16 has no ability to sustain any real effort academically. She knows how to do the minimum amount to get by. SS12 is only worried about sports and not academically inclined either. He'd probably be a hard worker, but I just don't know that college is in his future. Even if it were for either of them, they aren't living here.

SO even says for the experience, he'd rather them go away to college and get some life experience. Yeah SO, that's what I want too. For a different reason.

The reality is that I think SD16 will move in with her grandmother and I can't quite figure out what SS will do yet. I have a feeling he'll knock up some girl and end up going right to the job market.

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I know like the money train just shows up and makes a deposit out of the blue! We have that rule now that no adult (over 18) kid of either of ours will live with us. Unless they are going to college full time and need the help. Fortunate for me his kids have no desire to go to college at all. My oldest two DD's attend the same college about 3 hours away from us. SD21 is 4mos pregnant and currently seperated from her husband as far as we know. She is couch surfing between BM,SD23,SO's brother and his wife, and her in-laws. I am waiting for the phone call for her to ask to move in with us and I know that will be the end of our relationship. I will not live with SD21 she has no job, is a liar, and is a spy for BM.

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My SD15 will never in a million years be able to actually get a job, show up for work and do work. Every other day she is sick or too tired to do anything. She is so lazy and entitled. She just started high school and because the teachers in high school don't beg for them to do their homework she stopped doing it and is failing every class.

I honestly think I will be stuck with her forever Sad It is so depressing. Maybe she will move in with BM and they can collect their welfare and food stamps together. }:)

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Sounds like SD12 for someone so young she has the ailments of an 80 year old. Let's see asthma, acid reflux, vertigo, allergies, anxiety, headaches almost daily, sore joints, sore wrists and fingers and legs. You would think she has been working manual labor her whole life :? When in reality to get her to get up off the couch to put her crap away (that she leaves scattered all over the house) you need a crowbar!!!

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This is the other thing that scares me with the skids. They have been taught that it's okay to use people and toss them away by BM.

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I can't wait till SD11 is 18 so she can get the fuck out lol. I know that sounds harsh but I can't wait. As far as if she'll actually be ready at that point I don't care she's gonna be gone as soon as she finishes highschool. I feel like if she could learn not to be such a rude, selfish person she'll do well in life because she is really smart but I'm not sure that'll happen. I think with her it will go one of two ways- 1-she learns to control herself and be nice to people and she'll do great 2- she keeps acting like a little bitch like her BM and she's going to end up an out of control druggie slut by the time she's 16. Guess we'll wait and see...

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Yea, I think about it a lot for SD12. I worry about what life holds for her in the future, especially if GUBM remains her custodial parent. If SO gains custody of her, she has a good chance because, even though he guilt-parented her for quite some time, he has always held firm to the belief that, once she is 15, she will be getting a job if she wants spending money and that once she is 18 she will either be going to college or moving out into her own place. Seems like it would end pretty well to me as long as SO doesn't just ship her off wherever and forget about her, but, that's all contingent on SO getting custody of her.

If GUBM remains the custodial parent, SD12 is so screwed. GUBM is a rotten human being and has some of the worst values and morals that I have ever heard of or seen. Basically, SD12 would turn into a materialistic, debt ridden, lazy lay-about, money grubber begging daddy to take care of every bill and pay her way while she went and played house somewhere.