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"Were we all accidents?"

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh how I wanted to say yes, however I handled the situation quite well::

SD12 to me: "did you and dad plan to have this baby?" (I am currently 31 weeks and this was asked at 13 weeks)

ME: "No we did not plan to have this little one, we got pregnant on accident..."

SD12 interrupting me: "Oh. Hmm, were we all accidents?"

(Giggling to myself a little) ME: You know I'm not sure. I think your parents definitely planned on having you and "SS13" (I know this is a lie, but I'm a nice person) but I think they were definitely surprised by "SS20"... but you know what? Sometimes the biggest surprises in our lives, and the things we don't necessarily plan turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to us! Your dad and I are very excited about this baby and I know you guys are the best thing that happened to your parents."

See? I can lie right to her pretty little face. She went right home and told her mother I said they were all accidents and BM never wanted them... REALLY you little manipulative liar!?

BM calls my SO to inform him she is on her way to MY house to kick my a$$ and who the Eff do I think I am calling her children accidents.

Okay first off, REALLY classy threatening to lay hands on another person, let alone someone who is pregnant... and second GROW UP!! Obviously you cannot 100% trust the word of ANY 12 year old, let alone SD ... so why not act like an adult and ASK WHAT WAS REALLY SAID!?

One of my few and far between interactions with BM... she refuses to acknowledge that I exist except when she is running her mouth about me to Skids or other people.



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I think my SS12 was playing the bios against each other last year by making up crap about the step partners. In fact, I KNOW he was.

So did she show up ready to rumble yet?

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Lol hell no. I told my SO to inform her I'd have the police waiting on my doorstep for her because I have class. It was an empty threat anyway because she has lost her license for 2 years because of ANOTHER DUI, so I just sort if chuckle at her acting tough.

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OMG! She is stirring up SHIT! Your SD is 12 not 5. I take it she is not happy about the new baby to come. I hope you husband puts his daughter in line. That would be it for me....I would never what to be around that little witch again. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

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When he met his exW he was 17 so yeah, at 18 their first was not planned and he was young and stupid. When they got back together years later they got engaged and accidentally conceived SS13 then planned for SD12. I am 13 years younger than my SO and wanted another child so while we were not actively trying to conceive, we were not taking all measures to prevent as well. *if it happens it happens* and now we couldn't be more excited to welcome our final little one ♡

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What a little should go tell her "jk SD, you are exactly the mistake you told your mother I said you were"

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Thank you so much! I have 2 boys and so I'm finally getting my girl! Couldn't be happier ♡

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This. You have to call her out on stirring shit.
If it can be done in front on BM, better.
DH should be on her and she needs consequences every time it happens. At 12 she can still be taught.