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Hey Gals, I've missed you.

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I'm sorry I haven't been there for you in the last few weeks, things have been alittle crazy. I will keep this brief as possible.

SD12 stayed with us for almost a month. DK made it very clear the skids are at least trying the move. So the little bedroom still has some of her stuff in it. They all leave by 9/1. 2 hours away.

Since my bio-D is leaving for College this week, I decided to make a Dentist appointment for her, SD9 & SD12. Oh my God Ladies, I knew it was going to be bad for SD9, I've told you that, but Good God. She has 5 cavities in her adult teeth and 12 baby teeth need to removed because they are dead. The Denist called me 'Mom'. HELL NO. I didn't do this to this kid. I'm Stepmom. I need this DONE, before they move. SD9 had 3 taken out on Friday, we go again on Wednesday. I could kill Darkness for this one. Fucken line up with baseball bats.

We have to drop my baby off at College this week. That will involve alot of crying.

BF & I got our Wedding Bands this week. We are so gay, we wear them every night when we get home and put them back in their boxes in the morning.

I miss you, Jo


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That's so cute! Before you know it, you'll be doing the opposite... taking them off when you're around each other and only bringing them out when you have to be seen in public. LOL Wink

Those teeth. Yikes! How is it that with all the abuse and neglect the kids are still with her? (Thanks for the reminder, though. Both my kids are due for a cleaning and check-up.)

Your girl will be just fine. She'll do better than you, trust me! Be proud of yourself. You got her here and that's something to be proud of.

When is the big day?

~ Anne ~

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Thank you for the happy reminder! I did that for most of our short engagement but DH still doesn't know since he considered it bad luck-(we already had BM in our lives,so I figured what could it hurt) and now its 8 years later-
The teeth thing is so ridiculous, BM needs to get smacked around cause that little girl has to be hurting!!
I am already tearing up thinking about our girl(14) going off to college since we got her into a college prep program and her grades are really good now- But Anne is right-You're obviously a very good mom and I am sure your daughter is prepared and ready so pat yourself on the back and be really proud of both of you-and take the tissue box that day.
All the Best Wishes

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Wearing your wedding bands.. LOL.. I would put my rings together at least 3 times a night and just see what they were going to look like and then I would take them off. Yep were GAY.. Happy that is..
I am sorry to hear about your SD teeth, didn't they ever hurt her? With that many cavities, 12+5=17 cavities, wow.. Yep her mom should get the mother of the year award, NOT...
We have missed you too.. Glad you are back..

"live life to its fullest everyday"

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I've missed you too!

Don't remind me of the dentist... got to go fill a cavity (itty bitty) tomorrow... but I TOTALLY know about the in slue of cavities. My SD was that way on her first dentist visit... had to have all her front baby teeth wrapped in silver because BM didn't take care of her teeth... She still has a silver tooth yet, but now since we've had her, we are teaching good dental hygiene.

It's good to hear from you... I was wondering where you've been.

Wink StepMom

Man has the intelligence to change his life,
Sometimes, he just fails to use it...

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The big day is October 27th. I still can't believe I'm 42 and getting married in 2 months. Someone joked with me the other day that I will be a empty nester newlywed.

I did find out that SD9's last dental visit was for an absessed tooth in Nov of 05. That's when she had pain. But over time they died so she hasn't felt pain in awhile. DK sent me a text yesterday saying, "I may go to MY girls appointment on Wed." All I could think was, bring it on bitch.

Here's a funny one. A week or so before the whole Dentist thing, BF & I found out DK let SD15 & SD12 go to a freaking concert without any adults. We found out sd15 ditched SD12 at the concert. Anyway, there was alot of yelling going on that night. BF let me tell DK a few things and I let her have it!!! It felt SO GOOD!!!. DK said she doesn't need a lecture from a C--t and hung up on me.

A class act.

"May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house." George Carlin

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I have given a lecture like that about how even at age 10 and up kids shouldn't be dropped off to roam or whatever- have these women never seen the missing children posters or heard of pedaphiles? My SD is 14 living with us for the rules, sometimes complains but is reminded that I'd rather hear her say in 10 years how overbearing I am than have her ask why I let her do something that put her in a bad situation. SD is smarter than I was at that age but I admit that is still not saying alot. Atleast you did get the chance to let DK know about herself and it was needed!

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You are not the only one I remember when we first bought our bands I would leave the box open just to look at them. Now I love to stare and rub DH hand with his on it means soooo much to me that he wears it. For some reason though my engagement ring has started breaking my finger out (it didn't do it until about a month ago) so I haven't been able to wear it and it breaks my heart Sad

(((((BIG HUGS))))))) about BD going off to college I am sure she will do fine!!

Live for today,you may not have a tommorow

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I don't think I went to my first concert until I was like 16... in less is was the muppets or some Disney thing with grandma...

Wink StepMom

Man has the intelligence to change his life,
Sometimes, he just fails to use it...

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Well you are about to embark into the wonderful journey of officially being the step mother. I love it that the Ex's can't handle the truth , & the first thing they do is try and hurt you with names and then they call the father and tell them what a bitch you are and for some reason the X wife thinks that he cares and that what she thinks is important....Sounds like the mother is trying the route of " being the best friend and not the parent" that will only get the children in trouble later and Hygeine is so important; what you teach them now can influence their bodies the rest of their lives.......I can only imagine her mouth when your soon to be had to kiss her ugh!! Beth