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She Lies About Dental Visits Too!

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So last June 2012 when all this drama took off with BM, again, and the kids. The 7 year old girl had 3 cavities to be filled. If you read my first blog you will catch up on what happene regarding to why BM has the kids now.

Fast forward to Dec 1 2012, BM emails her ex, my fiancé, and tells him their daughter had a great check up at the dentist, no cavities. Well, we know she left us in June at the beginning of this mess with 3 cavities.

Fast forward to Christmas Break 2012. We take her to her dentist once we got her for Christmas Break to clarify the cavity situation, and BEHOLD 4 cavities. 3 on Permanent teeth (the same 3 that she left us with), and one NEW cavity on a baby tooth. She did see a different dentist in the same office for a different opinion. One cavity was spotted before the Dentist viewed her x-ray’s, and the dentist expressed concern on the severity of the cavity, and the possibility of having to CAP the tooth if not taken care of ASAP.

This of course will be used against her in May 2013 at our court hearing.
This woman is such a compulsive liar she lies about a dental visit! Unbelievable. Did she not think we would check up on her when we had told her in June that the girl had cavities to be filled, and after her glowing dental visit she emailed us about?? It seems so stupid to lie about something so little. My fiance says she's just trying to make her self look like a good Mom because her children doens't have cavities. She's almost 40 GET REAL how dumb is that! :?


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Because great moms ignore the dentist's advice and allow their kids' dental health go down the tube? These BMs really aren't too bright ..

The alternative to your BM is having a BM like mine .. where every single little sniffle requires an appointment with a specialist and heavy medications :sick: