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Wow, I've been busy. I got a second part-time job at an animal hospital. I am so happy to be back in the feild and back to a full-time schedule.
I can't believe my Bio girl is leaving in 3 weeks for college. That's going to be a cry fest.
I can't believe SD12 has been with us for 3 weeks and is staring to talk about living with us. BF had court yesterday with DK, who still hasn't found a place to move to. Anyway she got snotty with him and said 'you do know she is coming with me when I move'. All I can tell you is if this does happen, it's going to be one hell of a fight.
Which I prefer not to have when getting so close to the Wedding.
Bf & I had sex maybe once since SD12 has been with us. My Bio is use to hearing us sometimes but I'm so afraid she will.
How do you people do it. (pun intended)
Sd has been a pleasure. She helps me clean, fold laundry, she loves joking around with me. When she leaves, there is going to be another cry feast.

I didn't see any posts from Caitlin. Any word.


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from you, and even better to hear that things are going "well" in quotes because I know you heart will crack a little in coming weeks when your daughter leaves,etc. It is so good to hear your sd has had a relief from DK for a while, and I will keep my fingers crossed it becomes a long while. You are a strong girl Jo, and I know whatever crossed your path in the coming weeks you will jump or stomp all over it!!! I have been busy with summer too, hiding from the heat in the computer room, training the new pup, chasing the kids, and tending to the gardens (which I think are melting right now...LOL) Cheers to you and yours!

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I purchased this card for TJ when he graduated in June. I immediately thought of you and I when I read it in the store.

I remember.......

Your first step. How bright your eyes were fixed on me and how much I stretched my arms out to reach you. You teetered and wavered like a tightrope walker. One small step for baby, one giant leap for both of us. I floated on a wave of pride and then a small sadness washed over me because I thought of those ten little piggies taking bigger and bigger steps, steps away from the security of my arms, steps out the door into the big wide world where you would someday venture.....all by yourself, without me.

Well, that day is here. And as scary as it is, it has to be a good feeling to know that your the reason your daughter is ready to leave that security. It is trusting that you did all the right things that will allow her to venture into her own life. She will succeed in most things and fail in some. Knowing that you are there for her, always, to praise her successes and comfort her failures, has made her the beautiful person she is today!

Love ya,

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It's going to be rough. BF told me this morning that last night after I went to bed that my Bio broke down and cried to him how scared she is. The pain of labor is easier than this.

Thank you. I'm sure I will need you alot more as we approach August 23rd.

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Usually... because we're sooo damn tired! LMAO.

No, we don't really worry about that sorta thing. Usually, the kids are sleeping, and we close their doors, and ours and well... it's an adult matter. If you get loud, maybe you could tone it down, make it more, well... intimate that way?

Another thing we often do is turn the radio on, or the tv up in the bedroom. If you got a squeaky bed, take the squeaky out of it. LOL.

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However we feel like at that moment... the kids being home has never stopped us, we will send them downstairs or turn the tv up a little louder at night... our sex life is MUCH more active than my previous life, so it has been a nice change that we both still WANT TO, so we take full advantage, never had an actual NOONER till DH came along.. wouldn't change it for the world. The kids knock sometimes, we just tell them we are folding laundry and will be out in a few. The are none the wiser Wink and we are completely satisfied.

And oh, I thought sending Savannah to Kindergarten was the worst thing in the world last year, I don't even want to think about anything further than that right now...

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