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We lived through the Graduation weekend. A couple of more cry fests. Not too bad. I did have a baby 17 and a half years ago. And now she is a young adult. She is who she is. I can carry only soo much guilt. I know I was/am not a perfect parent, but I must have done something right. And now I am getting married. The date is set. October 27th, this year. And with the love of God, we will be dropping her off at her College dorm on August 22nd. And she will come home and be our the junior bridesmaid.

How ass backwards is that. I never thought I would be getting married the same year the baby would graduate high school.


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Sorry that your baby grew up in a way.. LOL.. And Congrat's on getting married..


" make sure you tell the people you love most EVERYDAY.. Its important not only for them to know but for you to tell.. Life is to short to be miserable..