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progress, though too soon to say a victory

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I've not been on here for a long long time. I got to a point where I didn't think it was healthy to obsess so much about things I had no control over so stopped writing this.
But now, things have progressed. I have been to therapy too to help me to cope with having to deal with two disturbed skids and their psycho BM...
last December my OH got a call from sd12 school, they explained to him that SD12 was being left waiting in a car park in the dark
After school for BM to pick her up. School finishes at 2.55pm she was still standing there at 5.30, sometimes gone 6pm..

weekend blues....

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We see the skids every weekend. They stay with us fri-sun then we have them the following sat and it alternates on a weekly basis. I've been noticing more and more recently that on the days leading up to the weekends we're due to have them,I start feeling seriously down and depressed and just generally low. It's not that I don't get on with them, more that I just don't like them. They ruin my whole weekend and I am seriously missing having my weekends!!

Weird one.. not sure what i can do...

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This is a bit odd, but every time BM loses the plot and gets nasty, I get random phonecalls from an "unknown" number... I answer (I wouldn't normally but my daughters physio and school etc sometimes come up as unknown number on my caller id too) they always allow enough time for me to say hello twice and then hang up! I've got no proof that its her, just always coincidences. Can I somehow find out the origin of the calls? And what can I do if it turns out to be her? After 2 years of this (since she got my number) its starting to piss me off now!!

Not been on here for quite a while..lots going on RANT (as usual)

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After months of prep and two and fro-ing ive FINALLY moved in with OH. Also now 18weeks pregnant. It would all be GREAT if BM hadnt told SD9 the exact dates she n OH HAD SEX to conceive her!!!! ... SD ofcourse is told by BM that I might find this info interesting... so she tells me Pretty pissed off. Pretty pissed off about most things actually. Im currently hiding at my parents house with my dog and my dd9 because OH has the skids for the week. They came on friday and by Tuesday DD and I had had enough and decided to come home until they leave on saturday.

Nothing to do with BM etc... Just have nobody else to talk to...

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Ok, so ive been thinking A LOT about an ex lately.
The situation is that we had a rocky relationship about 13 years ago. It ended badly and I was left heart broken, infact i never truely got over him. He was the love of my life. Over the past 13 years we have come together again on and off, and always fallen out after a few months because, as it turns out, we both have regrets about how things ended before. So we fight. When I say "come together" I mean we have been friends nothing more. - ive always wanted more but never had the courage to tell him for fear of rejection.

Provisional Contact agreement, if you were a mental BM would you find this offencive? - havnt given it to her yet

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Basically shes agreed to overnights, FDH and I have discussed between ourselves what we think are suitable arrangements but havnt consulted Ms Control freak BM yet...
Thought i'd blog it, get some opinions.... Thanks x


Sorry to be a blog hog, but I thought some of you might find this letter from The Telegraph (UK) of interest.

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LONG!! - But worth a read about how fathers are treated... ( I copy pasted the rest)

A year ago today, David Cameron (uk prime minister) wrote an article for this newspaper (the Telegraph), damning feckless and absent fathers. “We need to make Britain a genuinely hostile place for fathers who go awol,” he said. “It’s high time runaway dads were stigmatised, and the full force of shame was heaped upon them. They should be looked at like drink-drivers, people who are beyond the pale.”