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Moving in ... over night stays rant ...AGAIN

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We've not officially moved in yet. However, he moved in on the 15th june. I'm waiting because DD8 has learning difficulties and has been put forward for a "statement" at school, which should get her extra help in class. It takes 6 months for them to study her case and return a verdict of what help (if any) they will give her. We have about 4 months left of this deadline. But we have a lovely little rented 17th century cottage together in a lovely little village, all ready for DD and I to move in when we get this statement verdict to take to dd's new school (or apeal when there).

Am I being unfair? Advice needed please ...

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The back story is that FDH and I were planning to move in together at the begining of this year. We ended up putting it on hold because my daughter was diagnosed with learning disabilities and her school is currently investigating to see if she can get extra aid to boost her learning (a statement of special educational needs). This process takes around 6months.

just a quick blog to be smug....

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After withholding the final signature on the divorce papers for the past few months, psycho BM FINALLY sent it off at random and they were divorced a week or so ago. Obviously elated at the news I got fdh a congratulations card... Sd8 saw the card and reported back to her mother what she had seen. BM was furious apparently!!! Poor long suffering sd told fdh that BM said I should not have got him a card and that she did all the work!!! Lol just makes me chuckle...

all is well and i just can't cope with it.

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Basically psycho bm has been on a level for a few months now. The skids are clean, fed and appear happy. Bm has been letting fdh spend extra time with the skids she finally sent off the divorce so now he's officially divorced (yay!) and basically all is well and as it aught to be. You'd think id be happy and relaxing while i can right!?! But i just can't!! I don't know how to handle all this normality after so many miserable months of heartache and stress!! I can't help but wonder what the hell she's playing at and is this the calm before the storm???

Too much stuff in the noggin

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Do you ever find that there is so much stuff you want to write in your blog, so much has happend recently that you need to just vent!!!!!

- But when you come to write about it, its all gone. Theres nothing there!
Its like writers block! Or maybe your brain just shuts it out and says "no more"

That is how I feel now. I have spent from last weekend till now being so angry, and frustrated and even on the verge of throwing it all in.

I am confused! No wonder the SKIDS are mental! Rant about BM being "normal"

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After months of hearing how awful BM is (from the SKIDS), and how she hits them, doesnt feed them properly, doesnt wash their coats or buy them new shoes when the soles have fallen off....

The SKIDS are now saying shes friggin wonderful!! Shes calmed down A LOT towards them since social services called her 4 or 5 months ago about her being abusive to them. But she's still messed access times around/cancelled access, blown her top at random and has generally been a delight towards SO.

O/T A poem for BM (I was feeling creative this morning) I hope you like it :)

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Your eyebrows are like a clowns,
Your mascara's always runny.
If you weren't such a train wreck,
I'd think it all was funny.

Your children are a mess and are quite often thin and grubby.
Luckily for them, they have my almost hubby!

Social services are a joke,
So you'll get away with that!
Just try not to beat them so hard,
Or you'll crush your Brownie Leader's hat!

Is on the verge of punching SO!!!!!!

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Last night he says to me hes not having the kids sat as hes meant to, hes working, so he'll "see if he can have them sunday instead" ... sounds fair enough, but this woman is NOTORIOUS for loosing the plot over time changes, and messing him around as to if he can or cannot have them at all if he needs a different time / day.

Even the the mediators said to them both that they should have a diary for these sorts of things and MAKE SURE IT IS ALL IN WRITING!!!

- not just mention it to BM on the doorstep in passing!! IDIOT.

Update from yesterdays panic rant about SO's finances

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After reading your much needed advice and words of wisdom, last night I sat SO down and said to him that i've been really worrying about how we will cope when we move in together because of our (his) financial situation.

After a lengthy discussion, we have written a 5 point plan of action of how to get his finances in order, how we can both save money and most importantly how he is going to pay off his tax bill before we move.