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Weird one.. not sure what i can do...

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This is a bit odd, but every time BM loses the plot and gets nasty, I get random phonecalls from an "unknown" number... I answer (I wouldn't normally but my daughters physio and school etc sometimes come up as unknown number on my caller id too) they always allow enough time for me to say hello twice and then hang up! I've got no proof that its her, just always coincidences. Can I somehow find out the origin of the calls? And what can I do if it turns out to be her? After 2 years of this (since she got my number) its starting to piss me off now!!


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I would let them go to voice mail. If it is anyone who should be calling they will leave a message.

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Have u logged the number? Is it the same uumber? She may have a pre paid cell phone and knows it will not show up. It sounds like it is her.

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i think she's withholding the number. I usually let it go to voicemail but sometimes it catches me out, i don't always check before i answer or if i know Im expecting a call ill answer and find its this weirdo !

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just called my network, they're going to look into it and take it from there. Just wondered if anybody else has had similar experiences really?

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BM used to do that to me, too. I don't answer blocked numbers at all. The calls usually came after DH made her mad by enforcing boundaries. She no longer has my number. My life is a lot more peaceful now. Smile