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Happy Easter all!! Now, let me moan about it lol.. BM/ Kleptomania strikes again

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Saturday, The (S)KIDS were all off the wall on sat - mine included. They were all hyper excited about easter. Fair enough. They were driving me MENTAL!!! Luckily BD8 and I were only staying for an hour or so to drop the SKIDS eggs off at SO's. We went out for the day and had a lovely (SKID FREE) afternoon.

But we did come back to SO's late afternoon because he had made enough dinner for all 3 kids as we were going out for dinner that eve. Thats when things got interesting.

Just copied my own response to a blog entitled "why do your skids exist" thought id blog it because it is a bug bear of mine....

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Ugh this is a topic which regularly does the rounds in my head, and I never understand it - I just make myself wound up and angry and it makes my stomach do loops with that horrible *I think im going to be sick* feeling.

Ok, im prob just spouting out random mentalness now but....

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Do you ever wonder if its you? I mean after all, SO doesnt seem as bothered that BM is beating the SKIDS, shouting at them and anybody worth shouting at, frightening them and blaming everybody else, not giving them proper meals at meal times... he had to be forced to call social services after months of hearing how bad things were getting from the SKIDS and after taking SD8 to the dr because she had lost so much weight and was misserable!...And he only called them AFTER IT AFFECTED HIM!!

Would you do it all again?

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I quite often do this, I write a blog, then read a load of other peoples blogs and sit here thinking to myself I wonder how many people on here would choose to do it all again?

If your fairy god mother came to you at the start of your relationship and said :

"Look, its going to be like this, and this is where you will be at this point in time"

What would you do? Would you stay and think you could handle it for the love of your man / lady?


Would you just walk away and save yourself the bother?

Reporting child abuse uk, any advice?

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Last xmas SO called the nspcc about the fact that BM was beating the SKIDS, ridiculing them, picking mostly on SS5, not dressing them properley, rapidly decreasing contact with SO, cutting out contact altogether on a whim, regularly loosing her temper in front of the SKIDS with SO and her neighbours (then emailing SO saying that she wants him to go talk to her neighbours saying they started it and were frightening the SKIDS and that she wants the neighbours to go to mediation and that she had reported them to the residence association) the SKIDS were often frightend to go home due to not kn

Is feeling the rage STILL after the weekend and also I want a monkey pic!! They look funky... so I guess I want a funky monkey

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First of all the weekend... my last blog explained that SS5 had been a pain in the arse on sat and I had to take matters into my own hands (litterally - I had to carry his screaming ass out of the room!) when SO was out of ear shot and SS was throwing a tantrum.

But the rage I am feeling now came a few days before that. I wonder if any body else gets this.

You should know that due to psycho BM I have been diagnosed with stress and anxiety disorder (as I think many of us have on here)

IN YOUR FACE BM!!!! / venting about SS5

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SD8's birthday celebrations today. We were meant to be going swimming this morning (I was dreading it) luckily nature interveined and I couldnt swim. So we decided to do something else. I met up with SO and the SKIDS at the playground near BM's house and when i get there i find that SD8 had made me a card from the craft stuff that BM got her for her birthday saying "I love you" in it Smile I bet BM LOVED that lol!! *SMUG*

Is there something that "just happens" when people with children split, so that one of them flips their lid and goes mental??

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I am (as many of us seem to be) convinced that my BM has mental health problems. Well she has infact suffered on and off with depression at least throughout her marriage to my SO (and probably before then too), and her own father is scitzophrenic and considered a danger to society, so is nicely locked away in a secure unit. BM seems so show scitzophrenic traits too.


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Its SD8 birthday today and BM isnt even letting SO call her to wish her a happy birthday. How spiteful. She also sent him a text saying that he should appologise to SS5 for telling him off when he was running around the shops the other week!! WHO THE F**K DOES SHE THINK SHE IS???? This same boy has complained about being beaten by HER and has been frightend to go home to her incase she hits him when he gets home!!!