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Its SD8 birthday today and BM isnt even letting SO call her to wish her a happy birthday. How spiteful. She also sent him a text saying that he should appologise to SS5 for telling him off when he was running around the shops the other week!! WHO THE F**K DOES SHE THINK SHE IS???? This same boy has complained about being beaten by HER and has been frightend to go home to her incase she hits him when he gets home!!!

SO text her about an hour and a half ago to ask if he could call to wish SD a happy birthday, no reply. The SKIDS go to bed at about 7:30 so he called the house at 7 and got the machine. It doesnt take much just to let him talk to his daughter for 5 mins on her birthday does it??

BITCH. (sorry cant help but swear when talking about BM)


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I agree with this. SO should definitely let her know he tried to call her, and you all could take her out to a nice dinner at a restaurant she chooses and get her some things she's been wanting. BM pulled this on DH even when the CO stated that, on the birthdays when she had them, she had to let DH talk to them. Document each time she does this.

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Even if he has to leave a message, SD could still know he remembered, right??

I mean why ask BM for permission, just call!!

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Yep, he called at the time he said to her he would and left a message. I dare say it will get deleted before SD knows about it though. She also threatens his access to the children if he calls the house without her permission. She has even said she would call the police for harrassment. But she is allowed to call him when ever she wants ofcourse and actually be abusive and harrass him (which is why he didnt give her his number after he lost his phone, and BM brought him a new one as a personal line to her... which he only uses in situations like this one)(and she only uses to send him malicious text messages)

They are currently going through mediation to try to come to some agreement about what happens with the children, he is going to bring up birthday contact, and the fact that she cant tell him he isnt allowed to tell the children off, especially when she has been beating them.

Shes a bundle of fun this woman. Sad