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Finding it all too much.

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Recently I have realised that I am pulling away from my SO. Its not that I no longer love him, I do, and I still want to make our relationship work. But I am realising more and more that if I stay with him I will be stuck with his whiney little brat kids and their mental, also whiney little brat of a mother!!!

I have jealousy issues!

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Im quite new to this group, and am now getting the hang of it (I think) And one of the things which I have learnt is that it is perfectly normal to sometimes have insecurities or jealousy to do with BM and the SKIDS. Ok thats fine, im glad im not the only one.

But at what point does this become abnormal or too far??

Text Messaging. How is my conduct? ..Opinions please (warning this could be a bit of a rant)

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I am putting up the text messages that were exchanged over xmas between me and the BM. The main reason i'm putting them up is because she infuriated me with the way she spoke to me, and there is nobody "offical" that I can show them to, to be able to say "look what I have to put up with!". Also I would appreciate unbiased opinions on my conduct toward her.

Hi ! So I joined this site because like so many of us it seems, I have issues with my step childrens BM!!! Grrr

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To be honest, shes been quiet for a while now. Since xmas when we were forced to call social services about her conduct towards her children. But it is a constant worry to me as she seems emotionally unstable and the children are often frightend to go home to her because they say she beats them and they never know what mood she will be in when they get there. She has made effort not to fly off the handle with them so far it seems, or at least the children havnt reported anything so maybe they have just been told not to say anything!