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Not been on here for quite a while..lots going on RANT (as usual)

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After months of prep and two and fro-ing ive FINALLY moved in with OH. Also now 18weeks pregnant. It would all be GREAT if BM hadnt told SD9 the exact dates she n OH HAD SEX to conceive her!!!! ... SD ofcourse is told by BM that I might find this info interesting... so she tells me Pretty pissed off. Pretty pissed off about most things actually. Im currently hiding at my parents house with my dog and my dd9 because OH has the skids for the week. They came on friday and by Tuesday DD and I had had enough and decided to come home until they leave on saturday. Their behaviour and spite has been so bad, I didnt even want to leave my dog behind!! EVERYDAY crying, back chatting, threatening to "tell mummy if (daddy) shouts at us, then daddy will never see us again which will make him sad"... charming. Lashing out at each other, and their dad SCREAMING at their dad,telling him "youre not my main parent! you cant tell me what to do, I dont need to listen to you!"...again charming.. stealing my daughters things and then screaming at my daughter if she goes near their things!! And my favourite one, stealing DD's pencils in MY car, drawing on dd's paper and then saying "Dont you know how to share" to dd when she told her that it was hers and sd hadnt even asked to use it!! To make matters worse, OH sticks up for his dd and I had to tell her off for taking my dd's things AGAIN!! Its a little bit petty, but its constant. and the list of unacceptable behaviour is endless!
Ive even had to put away my favourite glass ornament, it has a 3D image of my daughter aged 7 in it, it is irriplaceable and ive told SD so many times not to touch it (it normally sits on my bedside table) but everytime I come back to it, its got her sodding finger prints all over it!!!
Also OH seems to have this idea fixed in his head that BM had everything perfect when his two were babies, and that we should do EVERYTHING the same as she chose to do it!! FFS!!! He wants a travel system buggy because "we" had one for "Moo" & "Foo" -stupid idiotic nicknames too!!! ... I want a 3wheeler all terrain as I walk my dog a lot and I have my DD's carseat so dont need a travel system. I also have DD's highchair, but he wants the same one that "we" had for Friggin "cow" n "donkey" (not sure what animal makes Foo noises.. but donkey will do!) Getting really fed up of EVERYTHING being compaired to how "we" did it, i've seen how they did it, and frankly if this kid turns out like either of those two, im leaving it on the doorstep of the policestation and running for the hills!! - just kidding, I wont let him ruin this child with BM & OH's screwed up ideas of what parenting should be... apparently to swear at, starve and beat them (BM) and call them "retards" (OH) Sigh. What have I done!