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Countdown to graduation Is SD going to make it?

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Sd, age17,  should graduate at the end of May.  If she graduates child support will end.  

I was looking at the CO a few months back and reminded DH about it.  I wished I would have kept my mouth shut.  DH tells SD.  Of course, SD has started DRAMA.  

1.  She claimed she was pregnant.  She had DH worried for a bit but as usual, it was a BIG lie that had zero consequences.


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My last post, I mentioned that SD, age 17, said she was pregnant.   She claims that BM will not take her to the dr.   She did take a home pregnancy test and SD said it was positive.  To my knowledge, no one else saw the test except SD.  SD is begging DH to let her come here to live.  NOT HAPPENING.  Also,  BM has been taking SD to get the Depo shot. 

The show continues

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About a week ago, SD calls DH and she wants to come live here.  I was sitting next to DH when she called.  He told her that she couldn't come here.  She was sobbing and crying.  She then told him that she was pregnant and she didn't want to be pregnant.  She told him that BM was going to take her to the Dr. and she didn't want to go. She states that BM said she was going to kick her out and that she will live in a homeless shelter.  DH told her again that she couldn't live here.  

A couple of Updates...Santa, Please

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bring me a boyfriend for what SD, age 17, posted on social media.  A little background,  SD claimed she was raped a few months back. Now, she wants Santa to bring her a boyfriend.  I am praying for the next victim (AKA boyfriend).  This was not the first time she cried rape. She has been "raped"  3 or 4 times in less than a year.

Sd Quit her job

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SD, age 17, has quit her job.  She says it causes her too much anxiety.  She was a hostess/waitress at a popular restaurant in town.  She has only had the job a few months.  She didn't work for awhile due to the "rape" and "mental breakdown".  

SD stealing BM's credit Card AGAIN...

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SD, age 17, called DH about a week ago.  She wanted to go to the pet store and get her an emotional pet cat.  Dh told her that he wanted BM to call him to tell him that she could have the cat first.  SD has lied many times and has stated that BM has approved a purchase and she hasn't.  DH was staying out of it and let it go.

SD's visit with DH

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SD, age 17, had a meltdown where DH had to call the police.  She was admitted to the mental ward of the hospital for a week or so.   For a little over a month, she refused to speak to DH until last weekend. 

She was going to an open house at a local college and requested to have DH pick her up afterwards.  SD told DH that BM said DH was going to pay for college.  DH had to tell SD that it wasn't true.  

And just like that she's back in DH's life...

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SD, age 17,  refused to speak to DH for over a month and a half due to  the little episode where she tried to jump out of a moving car that he was driving and he had to call the police.  She was admitted back into the mental ward again for about 10 days or so.  She has been out for a while but refused to speak to DH.She did demand that he bring her cellphone and of course, he did.   Based on DH's mood for the past month and a half, you would think she was gone for YEARS.   Saturday he started acting all happy and giddy again.  He said she reached out to him.  I am almost certain he reached