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BM's expectations of DH while she is on a cruise Part 2

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If you read my last blog, I stated that BM expected DH to pick up SD, age 15,  from her neices houses about 4 hours away over the weekend.  She is there because I work from home, DH is working and no one locally will watch SD because of Sd's behavior.   She basically just told DH to pick her up just before she boarded the cruise ship.

WWYD. Would you tell BM?

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SD, age 15. has found a way to buy herself a cell phone. I am assuming that she has stolen one of her mother's credit cards, AGAIN. SD has been busted a few times with child molesters online and sexting other high school boys when she uses BM's phone.

DH received a text message from SD saying this is my new cell phone number. DH says that BM will find out about it soon and that he doesn't really want to stir up a hornets nest.

Because of SD's behavior, I think BM should be informed only because of SD's safety.

Would you tell BM or let BM find out herself?

I am a horrible person and DH needs to get his "b@$%" back from me according to BM

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BM has asked for DH to watch SD during Spring Break for a week while she goes on a cruise. BM has been going on these cruises for Spring Break for years. She also takes a trip out of the country once a year with her sister. DH will more than likely be working during that time and isn't going to be home most of the day. I work from home, so I will be here with my BS. I have said, "Nope, Not happening."

Frustrated wtih DH Job Loss Part 2 I talked to DH

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If you read my first blog, DH is ready to pack up and move half way across the country due to a job loss. The move is NOT a good financial move for us but DH seems to be he$$ bent on moving.

I talked to DH this weekend. I finally realized why he wants to go.

A little background first...

Frustrated with DH due to job loss

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Dh found out earlier this month that his company will close and he will lose his job in March. In October, his company lost a major client and I told Dh that he needed to look for a job. Of course, this statement fell on deaf ears.

His company is offering some employees a job across(over 1000 miles away) the US in a major metropolitan. DH wants to move. I am shocked but in my opinion the move just doesn't make sense financially.

It has been an interesting weekend with SD AGAIN

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Friday afternoon, DH gets a call from BM. He is unable to take the call because he is in a meeting at work. BM wants DH to pick SD age 15 up from school. SD has been suspended AGAIN. (SD was yelling and cursing at a teacher) By the time dh, got the message school was over and BM picked up SD.

I would like to think Witch.hazel

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You posted the below recipe. It was awesome. I am dieting but I did try it. It was so good. Everyone in the household loved it.

1 cn cream of chicken soup
2 cups diced, cooked chicken
1 cn rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles
1 cn corn
1⁄2 pk Taco Seasoning Mix
1 c sour cream
1⁄2 pk spaghetti
1 pk mexican style shredded cheese
I added the corn, but the rest I found online- made it once and couldn't stop eating it. Now I make it a couple times per month.

I just feel like the life is being drained out of me

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DH and I agreed to split all bills and that we would keep separate checking accounts. It worked great for awhile and then DH was laid off his job. I had to take up the slack while he found a job. He was unemployed no longer than a month but it took him two years to find a job that paid as much as he was making before he was laid off. Of course, majority of the bills were paid by me during the two year period.

SD's Court date

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I blogged earlier that BM has filed a CHINS (child in need of supervision) for SD, age 15. Basically, BM was asking to have SD placed in a group home because she had mental issues. Well, DH didn't go to the court date. The case was actually dismissed because there wasn't enough evidence showing mental issues most were behavioral issues and the judge informed BM that she basically needed to step up and be a parent. It seems BM cried and begged for help for SD because SD is so out of control.