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A little Update College life

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A few weeks ago, SD call DH yelling and screaming.  He rushed to BM's house because SD wasn't at college. Before he left,  He told me that she was going to get kicked out of college and he needed to find out why.  He couldn't talk to her on the phone because she yells and screams so much.  I think she does that to get his attention so he will RUSH to her.   WELL... she isn't kicked out YET.

She had a fever and they told her she had to leave from the campus until she received a negative Covid 19 test.  BM took her to the ER and the ER DR mentioned that she may have a cyst on her ovaries or something but ran a few other test on her to see if there was anything else.  He told her to go to her GYN.

Fast foward a few days,  she didn't have Covid or a cyst but she has 2  STD's (Gonorrhea and chlamydia).  The STD's have spread to her fallopian tubes.  DH has been transporting her to and from her Dr to get antibodic shots and to pick up her meds.  I don't think she is taking her meds correctly so who knows how long it will take to clear up.  The dr told her it wasn't clearing up and she still has infection in her tubes.  

She is now complaining to DH that the college will not let her make up the days she was out of class.  I think she was out a week.  I looked at the college handbook online because I found that hard to believe.  They will allow her to make up the work WITHOUT the assistance of the college professor.   She told DH that she had a grade average of 30 in one of her classes.  She was sure she was going to fail the semester.  I am almost certain the low grade average just isn't for missing a week but also because she thought college was going to be so EASY.  

I have predicted that by the end of September she will no longer be in college.  We shall see.



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OMG! Who the hell is she sleeping with that has gonorrhea?  Gross. This could make her infertile if she's not careful.

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She sleeps with trash.  She finds guys and girls on the internet.

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I read back thru your blogs where you predicted she wouldn't make it thru one semester.  Your poor DH, having his ilusions smashed so crudely.  Im guessing she got sick from one of the internet hookups.  Sigh....

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2 STD's??? You husband must be so proud of his daughter. But wait - let me guess - If there is anything wrong with SDits BM's fault right? 

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OH HE IS,  After all, according to him, she made just a little mistake.  SD has told him that she has protected sex so he isn't sure where she got it and it is ALL BM's fault for allowing SD to hang out with these guys an girls.

She has been posting pictures of her roommate in (sd's) bed.  I hope she has informed that poor girl that she has STD's and she is contagious.  

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Wow. Super gross.

At 18, shes doesnt have just ONE, she has TWO.

SD21, Feral Forger has been sending naked photos, according to SD14. And shes not working, just floating around from place to place. And Toxic Troll asked DH if he would take FF to the hostal for "lung issues".

NOw, Im wondering if there is something more sinister that she needs medical attention for. 

Well, I hope that woman child gets rid of those bugs. And stops spreading her disease(es).

I hope DH has a stern talking to, which I doubt he will...

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To be fair, std's are pretty common and have nothing to do with the character of the person infected. She has probably been infected for a while for the infection to spread to her falopian tubes. Condoms etc and regular testing are the way to go, hopefuly the doctors are stressing that for her.

I still get checked regularly even though I'm married. I'd rather know than assume. When I was in college I was getting checked every six months or so. She's lucky she had symptoms for them to catch it and treat it. A lot of women don't exhibit any symptoms and can have fertility issues later on.

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she has been having protective sex.  She has had so many multiple partners over the past year or so. I know this because she post everything on social media.  She is either in somone else's bed or her bed with a new guy or girl every 2 or 3 months.  I am not sure what the DR is telling her because no one can go in with her now.

 DH said he had a talk with her but his talks usually go in one ear and out the other with SD. 

 She has never been to a GYN so BM had to find one for her after this visit to the ER.  BM knows SD's sexual history so you would think she would try to get her tested and have a regular pap since she has been having sex with multiple partners.   

In all honestly though,  I think BM has given up on SD.   She was so ready for her to turn 18 and move out.  BM has had  SO many issues with SD.  

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...I'm glad you said this. So true.

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You and me both. STD's are not a sign of moral failing.

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After DH rushed to BM's that day to find out what happened to SD, I was secretly praying that she could not get pregnant.  I know, it sounds mean  BUT if she did, someone else would need to raise her baby and I am not going to do that for her.  The poor baby just wouldn't have a chance.

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Sadly, not an unusual thing for kids leaving home for the first time.  Open dorms, a population of sexually burgeoning young adults, zero standards, crappy hygiene, and a failure by parents to actually raise their children with behavioral and performance standards much less with a mantra of "Wrap it before you tap it" and "No glove, no love."

Failing out of college and catching a palate of STDs is not uncommon.

I get it.  Though my sexual blossoming started when I was 15 and progressed over the rest of HS and my 11 year undergrad career I fortuneatly avoided STDs, though I did have a notable UTI once, including the ultimate consequence, or blessing depending on one's perspective, of being sexually active..... SPAWN!

I was fortunate to have hit my sexual awakening at a time just before HIV/Aids hit where with the exception of Herpes STDs responded well to basic antibiotics.

Young adults and sexually active kids today are in a significantly more precarious position than people my age were at that phase of our lives.  What at one time was not a big deal to get rid of has now evolved to be drug resistant and could have life long consequences for people who are not discerning in their partners or diligent in minimizing their risks of exposure to STDs.