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BM and DH must be SOOOOO proud

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Dh and I ran into SD, age 18,  over the weekend.  She told DH that she wasn't taking her antibodics for her STDs anymore because they didn't taste good.  She has an appointment with the dr this week.  The STDs have worked their way into her fallopian tubes.  It has been a few weeks and they haven't cleared up yet.  The longer it takes to clear up the less likely she could become pregnant. Of course, that would be a blessing in disguise especially right now.

She also told DH that she had a date with a guy this weekend and she was going to have sex.  Yes, she doesn't see any problem telling her dad about her sex life.  She is still contagious and DH says that she could still give the boy the stds.  She said NOT AS LONG AS WE USE A CONDOM.  I don't know this guy so I can't give a heads up.  She met him on a popular "dating" aka booty call. website.  She always finds these trashy guys.  SHe is a very smart girl but would chose to be with a total moron idiot that doesn't have a job.  She would NEVER date a college guy or a guy with a job. 

I honestly, think she stole BM's credit card information AGAIN.  SD told DH that BM had paid  for her cell phone to be turned on.  A few days earlier,  BM tried to call DH one day and he didn't answer it..  I am almost certain that SD told BM that DH paid for it.  If you remember a few blogs back,  DH did buy her a phone and pay and paid one month of service as SD's  graduation gift. SD was to pay the monthly bills.  SD hasn't bother to pay any of the montly bills.  She hasn't got a job anymore.

Last night,  when I pulled up my social media page, I was logged into DH's social media page.  He check it before he went to work.  SD had a live video blasting away. It took me a few seconds to stop it.  I did see that  she was taking off her shirt (she had a tank top underneath) and was putting on her deodrant.  She was threating to beat some girl's A$$.  She was  sent to a group home and then was under house arrest just a few months ago for doing the same thing.  BM had commented on it.  I didn't see but may 10 seconds of it if that before I was able to get it turned off.  

I checked social media this morning and she didn't save the video or it was deleted so I didn't mention anything to DH.  He just started a new job and doesn't need to be leaving work to rush to take care of SD's drama.  




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It would almost be funny except your poor DH, what must be going on in his mind.  Just hope none of this blows back on you, Daisy.  Wow.

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She so sounds like she has Borderline Personality Disorder. If she ends up infertile from these STDs, it will be a blessing. No kid needs a mother like her. 

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I can't imagine running into my father and being not only comfortable enough to talk about my sex life (presumably on the street or in a store) but also about an STD I'd contracted but didn't care to heal. 

I imagine if I was ever in that situation, and I did reveal this information to my dad regardless of my age he would pick me up, throw me in the car and drive me to a walk in clinic where I'd spend the next few hours mortified out of my mind and he'd force the clinician to educate me on the seriousness of STD's. 

We're all raised in different worlds with different expectations. Your SD18's life is revolved around shock and awe and how to get attention- from anyone. Those who seek negative attention cannot get enough. There is no end in site for her. My hope is that her random hook up will be notified of her STD through intimacy actions and peace out before it's too late.

Condoms do about as good of a job as preventing STD's as they do pregnancy ha ha ha




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WHATTT! She's openly having sex with people WHILE knowingly having an STD??!! That she doesn't want to cure??!! Wow. 

I did the whole online dating thing for a little bit. I did date someone on/off for about a year and half (before I met my SO)  that I met online. 

However, one guy I met seemed normal etc. 20 minutes into the date i knew it seemed off. I quickly got myself out of the situation. This guy harassed me for days. At that point  I was ready to call the cops. It was scary. Instead, I called my father and was like DAD YOU NEED TO HELP ME!! He called this guy, threatened his life ( I laugh about it now) and then my father yelled at me and told me to cut the shit and be aware!  I was 27 at the time. I couldn't imagine being 18 and telling my father the stuff your SD does. 


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I'm assuming she's talking about tinder. I didn't use that either .

I am all for dating sites. Nothing against them. 

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Tinder.  She has been on that site for at least 4 or 5 years.  I do know that there are some good sites with decent people.  SD doesn't want to be on any of those sites.  

It really blows my mind,  she is a beautiful and smart girl BUT she is so attracted to trash. I really don't get it.  She wants to be trashy and she wants friends that are trashy.  

It must be really popular now around here to be trashy.  

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Yes, this is a thing, and someone should do it. Call the department of health. 

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Holy crap!  I don't even know what to say, other than when her bits rot off it might be for the best.  Also side note untreated STDs can get into the brain and cause mental issues....just a thought.

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imagine her becoming more mental than she is now. I am hoping that BM goes with her to the Dr's appointment this week. 

  I have stopped discussing anything she does with my family or friends.  They just can not comprehend how someone could have so much drama surrounding them. Most believe that the Brady Bunch is the typical Step family.  They actually believe that I could just step in and save her.


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Sd: “ hey dad, nice to see you. I been good, you know just recovering from crabs, gnorrhea and chlamydia. Doc prescribed antibiotics but they taste like shit... but thats ok, the infection has spread to my fallopian tubes and doc reckons it’ll affect me getting pregnant. But thats ok coz this weekend i’m getting the biggest f*ckfest of my life with this dude i met from desperates are us”

dad: (looking shocked, confused and uncomfortable) “ummmm ok.... me and your stepmum are doing some shopping so we’ll catch up later!!”

so bloody hilarious this conversation and so mortifying. My dad doesn’t know about my and my husbands sex life, our high libidos etc...