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Here we go again

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DH received a message from SD (age 18) last night.  She stated that she is receiving death threats  by multiple guys on social media.  I only engaged to ask if she reported it.   She said that she did.  I  disengaged from the conversation. I am sure  there is more to the story than someone just picking her out of millions of people to send her death threats.  

It was just a few short months ago that SD was making threats on social media and was placed under house arrest for a few weeks. She has NEVER been able to handle herself on social media and her parents never monitored her.  She chit chatted with child molestors.  Yes,  more than one.  She would send naked pictures of herself to any man or boy who asked.  She would threaten people, invite strange men and boys to her house and the list goes on and on. She  would put herself in danger and her parents just couldn't seemed to stop her.  She was given access to internet while she was alone at home. If BM shut off the internet, she knew how to steal the neighbors wifi.   She only lost internet access while she was with DH  whenever I was around.  It is much easier to just give her the phone or computer to entertain herself than to actually monitor what she was doing or tell her no.  I always offered for her to watch tv or  for her to do something else whenever she asked for the computer or phone. She didn't put up a fuss with me and I wasn't mean about it.  I could never understand how her parents couldn't get her off the computer or stop giving her the phone if they were not going to educate her on the dangers of social media. She only came to our home to visit until she was 12 years old.  DH started seeing her outside of the home at that time.  

SD asked DH to buy her a phone for graduation and he did.  My first thought,  I wonder how long it will take for her to put herself in danger  or threaten someone.  It took less than 2 months.  

She will be going to college the first of next month, IF she can keep herself out of trouble.  




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He not parenting his DD.  Unless DH get off his As* and actually parent.  Nothing is going to change.  Not only is he not parenting his DD he actually helping her down this road by buying her a smart phone so you have no control at all 

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I had to disengage from all this craziness years ago.  I can't care more than her parents.   

I knew that if I told DH that I didn't think a phone for SD was a wise choice, he would have gotten it anyway.  SD had already convinced him that she needed the phone for college purposes, to get a job, and #1 reason would be to talk to DH.  

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"WAAAA, that mean Daisymazy2 doesn't want me to have the phone I NEED for school and work!  She never liked me!"

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Wow. SD sounds incredibly self-destructive.

She is LUCKY that she hasn't been abducted and forced into a sex ring.

It also sounds as if she may have serious mental issues. Most young girls are shy about their bodies. Sending naked selfies to anyone and everyone is so far from normal... so very very far.

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It really wouldn't surprise me if she was kidnapped.  DH and BM would probably be so shocked but I really wouldn't.  Don't get me wrong,  I would not like to see any harm come to her or have her kidnapped but I feel it may be the only thing that would actually stop her from doing all the crazy stuff.

BM told DH that SD was bipolar then about a year or so later BM said that SD wasn't bipolar she only said that to get her into a group home so she can get help. 

BM's oldest daughter (not dh's kid)  did the exact same thing whenever she was on the internet.  SD  has always mocked her sisters behavior