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Teen monitoring remind me please

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There was a post a bit ago which discussed teen monitoring software. I forgot to bookmark it. I am looking for a software download to help parents monitor preteen/teen social media presence and cell phone location. (computer/phone/x-box?)

To be honest, I do not Facebook much -- business or personal. The last "Tweet" that I received was from the Rover on Mars when it first landed and sent back the music of I have a smartphone and computer, but lag behind in the techno-literate world.

I am interested in a software download which could manage my monitoring of BS13's email, text, Instagram, vine and Skype accts. I have passwords, but exDH holds the phone acct which limits my ability to place parental controls. I can take kidlets phone at any time and check text, but Jimminey, wading through pages of "Dude?" "Dude" "What" "What, what" ... is simply exhausting.

BS13 tells me where he is long-boarding and who he is with but I'd like to be able to doublecheck via GPS and monitor from afar his Instagram stuff, 'cuz my beloved child has been known to lie. Then I get an IM/Skype request from someone I do not know which is aimed at my kid and I start to wonder.

Looking for one package that I can set up, (pay for), and then do a spot-check on his life ...

Course SGD-12 is getting a smartphone this summer, so I need to trial run something first. Do not want to be raising a SGGD 'cuz her role models are slack.


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It doesn't do all programs but I found it very user friendly and easy to set up. You don't even have to touch the kids phone.

I don't even check it all that often. Only if my kid is acting out. It seriously is a lot of what you said. It's so boring. But on the off chance it gets interesting in a bad way it's good to be informed.

If you find one the can monitor Snapchat please let me know.

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Thanks. I know that some posters can access iPhone parental controls because they pay the bills. ExDH pays the bill for BS's phone, blessing on that, but has never figured out parental controls. Now, I am discovering that there is so much more to the entire social media face.