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SD is super shady and sneaky

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SD is really something else.

FDH has been monitoring her online activity on this one social site she belongs to where she posts writing. He's not reading what she posts, but, he monitors her activity to make sure she's not logging on when she's supposed to be doing schoolwork or sleeping. It tells him when she was online and how long ago within 15 minutes, so it's relatively accurate but doesn't time stamp her log ons. This is how he found out she was lying about being too sick to do anything that one week she was at GUBM's - because he checked. And he found out earlier this month that she was logging on while he and I were at work and she was supposed to be doing schoolwork.

Well, he found out yesterday that she was up in the middle of the night and had logged on. We don't really care if SD gets up in the middle of the night to get a drink, make a snack, or read (as long as she's quiet about it, which she most decidedly is NOT because she always wakes one of us up), but, we do have a problem with her going online when she's supposed to be sleeping, especially because by the time she's gone to bed, she's already reached her limit on screen media for the day. We limit the amount of screen time she has every day for a reason - it's not healthy for her to be engrossed in video games and unfiltered internet access all day long, especially because SHE insists that she doesn't want FDH monitoring who she's talking to or what she's saying/doing online (which I am in complete opposition of because that's his job as her dad, dumbass that he is agreed to let her do her own thing *smh*). And, if she had her way, she would do nothing but be on that damn website or playing video games and she would be expelled from school.

So, FDH called her out on it last night. So she's now set her online activity to private so he can't monitor it. But, that's not going to work out so well for SD. FDH and I are both annoyed because she's trying to circumvent the house rules in a sneaky and shady manner. And this is just one example. Just this past week she's also managed to lock herself in the bathroom twice with her cell phone so she could extend her screen media time when she had already reached her limit for the day. He's already threatened to change the password on the account on her so she can't log on without him being home and present. So hopefully he follows through on that.

And neither of us think it's too much to ask that she not go online and stay up until all hours of the night farting around whatever website she's craving when she's supposed to get up in the morning and work on school. I'm getting real tired of SD acting this way. I get that she's going to push boundaries and all that jazz because of her age, but, the way she's doing it is just shady, plain and simple.


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It's been exhausting dealing with this crap from her all month, especially in the past week. Every. Damn. Day it's been another issue with this site or her cell phone. And it's not like it was in the past, where she would "forget" how long she was on or anything like that. She's being sneaky. And she's being sneaky on purpose. She perfected the art of being shady and sneaky a long time ago when she first learned how to delete all of her messages and call history from her cell phone. I'm not surprised by this latest attempt in the least but I am exhausted by it because she knows FULL WELL that if she would just open her mouth and ask FDH for extra time on the computer every so often, he would grant it to her because he's a pushover. Although this week probably not so much because he's just as fed up with her behavior as of late.

She knows full well what we expect of her and she is sneaking around to do what she wants to do instead. UGH. Teenagers Fool