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Ok, so I'm hanging out with ss12 and sd8, whom I love dearly, and one is on the PS4 (and has been literally 24/7 the ENTIRE time he's here) and the youngest on her cell. On her phone, I'm watching a girl in their class apparently that has "gone live" and is video taping herself while others type in and asks questions, comments, etc. in real time! And this is all over the internet. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it other than old. My DH (their dad) and I just had a baby (my first). I know i don't want her doing that, or anything on the internet for that matter, unless we talk about it first, and EVERYTHING she wants to post/sign-up for/download/whatever is ran through me (of that's even realiatic). Btw, i should add that my DH is totally oblivious to social media nor doesn't really seem to care about it. Therefore, it's not monitored or regulated when they are here on the weekends.

I'm curious to know what are your boundaries/rules when it comes to social media? If you had a sit-down with your child/ren, what did that sound like? Also, how often do you check their phone without them feeling like you're invading their privacy?

For the record, I'm asking for my BD5mths, not my ss and sd. I feel that's btwn the parents, not my battle to pick. Plus, they can keep me in the

Thank you for reading this, and I appreciate your thoughts.

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It is a constant battle. None of mine are on social media but it is very hard to monitor even the video games have social media 'live' features. I demand no 'friends' that they don't know personally on that. There are times I just say no electronics for the day or week because it gets excessive. Also we have a no electronics rule during the school week (no tv or devices, computer only for school work). SD is on her phone constantly when here on her breaks, too much of her entertainment and self esteem comes from it and I don't think it is healthy but her parents permit it.

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For my Skid the problem was not social media it was video games. It just got worse when online interactive gaming became a thing. So... in 8th grade we unplugged him and he stayed un plugged until his Jr year of HS until we got him his own personal laptop. At which point he shoved his head back up his own ass just like he had until we unplugged him so we unplugged him again until he was out of HS, enlisted in the USAF, and beyond our control.

He did get himself into a little bit of a problem once he got out of Basic and tech school and was able to dive back in to his virtual world. But, he did learn from the consequences we applied when he was younger and has been able to self regulate and do well in the USAF.

I would suggest unplugging them. Immediately and permanently until they launch and can figure it out on the own.

It worked well for us.