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Child support has finally ENDED

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SD, age 17, graduated at the end of May.  It took an extra month to finally get child support stopped.  Child support sent back his money for the month of June.

BM hasn't said a word.  I am not sure if she is aware that it  has stopped yet.  She is notorious for not checking the balance on her card.  She gets child support automatically placed on a debit card. She just assumes money is there until the card doesn't work anymore. She may even accuse SD of stealing the money before she realizes she just isn't getting any more.   I am just waiting for her to go "off".

SD has been asking to see DH a lot more now.  She keeps telling him that BM has kicked her out of the house and she needs a place to stay. According to SD, BM has kicked her out of the house three times since she has graduated.  SD stays with BM's oldest daughter.  DH no longer mentions SD coming to live here.  I have reminded him multiple times that she isn't coming here because of HER behavior. He just tells SD that we do not have the room. 

SD is working another job as a waitress. She is working to buy things for her dorm room.  BM and BM's sister already bought some stuff for her.  I am not sure if DH bought anything or not.  He was upset BM wasn't buying her more stuff.  I asked him what type of stuff did he think she NEEDS for her dorm room.  I told him she didn't need it furnished like an apartment.  She just needed sheets, comforter, pillow and towels.  Most of the other stuff that SD says she needs is mostly WANTS and she can work to buy those things. I almost told him that it would be better for her not to buy a lot of things for her dorm room because it would be easier to move her out in a few months when she gets kicked out BUT I kept my mouth shut. I almost feel sorry for DH because he is living in Neverland and really thinks she is going to be at college for years and graduate. He is just as proud as a peacock now just spreading his feathers.  I know, he is going to be greatly disappointed in a few months and it will be the colleges/professsors/other students fault that SD gets kicked out. 

The phone DH bought her for graduation, SD didn't pay the monthly bill so it isn't working anymore. DH was smart enough to buy her a prepaid phone.   She can only send Facebook messages or call using Facebook.  




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When BM wakes up and realizes the gravy train is over and explodes, promise you will let us know, ok?

I feel for your DH with all his delusions.  Let him have his glory now.  My YSS is so proud of the GD who is in a criminal justice curriculum.  He thinks she will be in the FBI doing CSI stuff.  Uh huh.

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I am sure BM will find out.  Now it may take her a few months to realize the money is gone and I am sure her head will be spinning.

Of course, she will be an FBI agent just like SD will be a College Professor.*ROFL*

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It could be because child support is ending or it could be because of SD's behavior and she is almost 18.   SD is already back at home now with BM.  

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see sd was only good enough for bio mum because she had a monthly atm all because she had a baby, the man who got her pregnant owes her for life for that privilege and she is not and never will be jointly responsible for her kid.

my husbands exwife kicked eldest sd out of the home as cs was not ordered by courts to go to her and went directly into sd acct as she was in university and classified an independent. Bio mum saw an opportunity to offload sd10 to eldest sd whilst collecting cs and made both daughters disappear and cease contact with their dad as aresult of her pas...

both sd sing praises for bio mum, claim daddy made her a psycho by divorcing her... no actually your mum is a psychotic bitch and your daddy should not have married her and should not have been dumb enough to have 3 kids with her knowing full well she amped up her psychoness and abuse over the years.....

give it time when sd will amp up the pity me party that her dad must support her as its his responsibility blah blah blah. Its the usual ammo of these kids....

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Congratulations Daizy!!

I've been following your stories on and off for several years now and I am truly happy that your household now has a bit more income.

Woudlnt it be nice if the state child support offices sent a congratulations card in the mail when CS ends?

It feels like there should be a party.

You and DH should take a nice romantic vacay together.

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Offer a cake that has a little ATM on top with an out of order sign on it. Bwa ha ha ha

Or a little caricature of a GUBM pulling out her empty pockets

Or a little caricature of dad cutting off an anchor.


Yes 3



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Mostly it is just a long vent...   If anyone had told me after XH and I divorced that being in steplife would be so much craziness, I would have laughed at them.  I could not even imagine 1/100000 of all this drama.  

I have been on the sidelines for awhile now just watching the game.  I no longer play the game and it is SO wonderful.  

My only prayer now would be that SD doesn't get pregnant.  

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What a huge load off your households shoulders!

DH does not have it automatically taken - DH wanted the flexibility, but he has to deal with the whole "when am I getting my child support check" deal. We have 3 years and 11 months to go until Toxic Troll Bm is off the Child Support Gravy Train.

However, March finally ended the spousal support that lasted 3 years and 11 months. 

Have a LARGE party! I told Munchkin Sd14 that we are having a VERY large party for her high school graduation. Her birthday is in May, graduation is June...she said "what if I dont want a party, I just want to go off with my friends?" 

I told her she didnt even need to be at the party we were having the party no matter what. She gave me a funny look. I do love SD14, but am SO looking forward to her mother being out of our lives! I mean for that 99%.

Hopefully your DH will stand strong in not letting SD back in the household. MY DH has been pretty darn good at telling Feral Forger that she cannot move back in with us.