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Shaking my head...

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SD, age 18, is going to college this week.  DH took SD out to eat and to spend the day with her on Sunday.  He asked if I wanted to go and I passed.  DH says that SD wants to see me which I find VERY AMUSING.  I am not sure if he says that because he is still hopeful about a BIG,HAPPY, and BLISSFUL family or if SD says it to try to worm her way into moving in with us. She isn't moving in my house.

DH wanted to take her out because SD told him it would be awhile before she sees him again since she is going away to college.  AWAY...she is going to be 10 ( TEN)  miles away.  

If DH is REALISTIC, he should consider the fact that she will more than likely get kicked out before the end of the first semester since SD could not make it through one semester in  Elementary/Jr High/ High school without being suspened at least once.

DH keeps reminding  SD how proud he is of her because she got accepted into college.  Honestly, my eyes roll so far back in my head when every he says that.   She is in college BUT she hasn't received that diploma yet. Heck, she hasn't even made in one day in class.

I am certain that she college kids are not going to want to be around SD. Of course, this is going to cause SD great distress and DH will just have to come to the rescue because the college kids hate SD. DH is going to be rushing to college to see her constantly.  The college has security so let's see how far he gets.







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That's the answer to why she wanted to see DH and you.  Or perhaps you would take her shopping for school clothes.  You know, like EVERYBODY else does who REALLY loves their kids.

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certain she thought I was going to buy some things for her dorm room.  Nope,  don't see a need to waste my money.  DH already bought her some stuff.  We do not have a joint account.

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These people are SO DELUSIONAL. 

My hat is off to you Daisy, for keeping this crazy at arm's length.

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I needed that encouragement.  It hasn't been easy at all but  I have learned that NO is a complete sentence.

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Ugh, I hate it when DH tries to act like SD "really cares about me/likes me/wants me to attend xyz".  In my case DH is delusional and just WANTS me to go with him.  I think he hates going to her stuff by himself so wants to drag me along in the misery of it.  Nope, not happening.  If SD really wants me to attend something she can tell me.  I can assure you though that she does not.

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Yup. It's all propaganda and manipulation to get us to engage so we'll be the target instead of them. So many of these dads don't want to be alone with their own kids. It's both weird and sad.

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Miserable people and that he only wanted me to come to distract from the shitty time he’d spend with them.

i told hubby he was effin mad that i would never waste my time on skids and especially sd’s ranting on non stop about bio mum and sd to make them relevant to us when they are not

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My DH would never ever admit that he doesn't like alone time with SD but I can tell he doesn't.  Any time I leave him alone with her he acts like a pouty baby.  I always tell him to enjoy the daddy daughter time that SD always cries about not getting (when it is convenient and can manipulate him).   I'm pretty sure he only gets upset that I don't want to attend her events because he doesn't enjoy them and doesn't like going alone.  IDC though.  I made that mistake a few times and I just can't handle watching the crap show! 

OMG, the non stop rambling about BM, my SD does this every visit for the entire visit unless she goes in her room.  I'm so over BM stories.  I even try to ignore them and she just keeps going and going and going.  I know about BM and her bf and now her engagement and her bf's dog and her bf's baby and her neighbor and blah blah blah blah blah! 

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she needs to stop the ranting of bs.

hubby is married to me, i am his wife, bio mum is not and never will be his concern anymore and its incredibly rude and disrespectful to rant on useless crap about your mum and stepdad no one asked for just because you try to put my wife in her place.

sd claimed she was sorry if she did anything wrong but lets face it, she knew what she was doing and tried to play victim.

hubby is asian and skids mum comes from a poor uneducated family from the country. Skids know this that they do not come from a good background. Hubby came from the country but is extremely successful and that because of his own dedication and hard work after divorcing bio mum who sabotaged his career just because it made her happy.

sd’s love to brag to their mums family and friends about my kids (their half siblings being white) because its seen as a status thing to be related to white people like you are upper class

sd’s have bio mums dumbasss mentality to brag non stop and one up people... me, i married my brown skinned hubby because i love him even though he pisses me off sometimes. 

Its disgusting for me to see sd’s and ss act like siblings of the year and paint their brown skin white so ils can brag how white they are like me and have this happy bragging smile... umm your brown lets not bs here and it’s ridiculous you trying to compare or liken yourself to me.

your dad has better taste in women now thats why he married me. If he wanted trash, he’d still be with your mum!!

btw i knew hubby hated the rants about bio mum and stepdad because his telltale sign is hmmmmm he just hmmms which means dear god I don’t give a flying eff about this crap but i know the hell I have to pay if i told my daughter off.

must have been a lovely feeling bio mum being told by eldest sd daddy told her off to not talk about bio mum because she is not his concern at all and he doesn’t care about any info of her... i remember in 2018, hubby gets to work and sd sent a pic at the airport arrival hall. Hubby gets to work and is like what is this? 

Sd says oh i am just waiting to pick up bio mum and stepdad from their trip overseas.... “ohhh” was the only reply.

Now if it were me coming from a trip hubby would care, bio mum and stepdad (the guy she was whoring with before hubby even separated from her... nope!!”

its actually so hurtful the way sd’s talk about stepdad to their bio dad. He was cheating with your mum whilst she was married to your dad and you don’t even care how that makes your dad feel. Its a stab to the heart

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So when does the betting pool open? I'm betting SD will last 2 1/2 months.

I figure 2 1/2 months is long enough for her to settle in not be attending classes and for people to be wholly fed up with her crazy a$$.

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My bet is that she will make it about 2 1/2 months as well.  I haven't said anything to DH.  I can already hear the excuses now.  Kids didn't like me, Professor didn't like me or  both the kids and professors hate her.

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SD18 must read the same playbook as OSS15.

All of his teachers and the other kids hate him too.

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Daisymazy2, you said "DH keeps reminding SD how proud he is of her because she got accepted into college.  Honestly, my eyes roll so far back in my head when every he says that.   She is in college BUT she hasn't received that diploma yet. Heck, she hasn't even made in one day in class." There is definitely a big "BUT" in that sentence. My ex couldn't stop bragging about his youngest daughter going BACK to college. She had been changing colleges frequently. She is 24 or 25 years old and still hasn't completed two full years of college yet. When my friends and family were calling me telling me about their kids graduating college this year or those who are supposed to graduate next year still being on track as long as they opened back up, all I heard was crickets in relation to my ex's daughter's potential graduation date.

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isn't it.  SD has only one chance.  She managed to get a scholarship so she only has the money from the scholarship.  DH isn't paying for college and BM isn't going to shell out anymore money for college for SD.