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Protection order granted

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I got my daughter out on an emergency protection order. We go to court in 10 days. I didn't have "enough" to get my son. The ball is rolling legally & help is on its way for my children. They are secret keepers & are very afraid of their dad, but truly love him also. It's very sad. Please be praying for us all. I just found out that our judge (that we will always go before) also was the judge in his divorce a month ago & was the judge 2 years ago in the molestation case against him with his 3 year old stepson. So... That's great news.

Back to court.

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Going to be going back to court. I'm sick to my stomach. My kids are 13 & 15. They are very controlled by their father. They've both said they want to live with me, but I know they will cave under pressure. There are tons of change of circumstances & a few contempts. How much is placed into what the kids say? I think a cassa rep will be appointed also. Sad Right now we have 60/40 They're with dad thru school year bc I moved out of town.

Great with my kids, not with his.

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My husband is a great parent to MY KIDS. to his he's an uncle, at best. It's very annoying. I know its bc of the history of parent alienation from bio mom.

In the past when he discussed their relationship, he describes her as a total bitch, that you couldn't say a word or the shit storm she would create was nuts & would go on for weeks or months.

Now he claims he just goes along with whatever she wants bc he's sick of legal battles, just wants peace & does whatever to make it easy on the kids.

Grapevine. Ewwwwww

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I LOVE when my CMIL (crazy mother in law) texts: "Heard thru the grapevine..." Wow. I know who you heard from! So you are calling your son's ex wife "the grapevine" now huh? We just refer to her as "the whore" but I guess grapevine works too...she does get around.

She can't even fake nice.

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So my husbands ex texts him "Happy Birthday!" His response, "Please have the kids call me." NO RESPONSE. NO PHONE CALL. What a skank! Seriously. If you are the world's nastiest ex... Don't bother sending a birthday greeting. & if you happen to have a moment of decent kind thinking... Have the damn kids call!!!

Custody question.

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My ex just moved his current wife out at the end of January, within 3 days he was bringing around another woman, telling the kids they were just friends, of course. After a few odd comments were made about her & things just didn't seem right, I looked her up on social media, got her name & then looked her up on the repository. Her legal history is horrible. The worse being she is a felon & her parents took custody of her oldest child from her years before her felony charge.

In our custody order, it states we are not to have the children around anyone with a felony.

19 step kids would be a nightmare!

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The husband is reading online & asks, "Do you think you could handle 19 kids?" I loudly exclaim, "Yes! If they weren't step kids!!!" If I didn't have the bullshit to deal with a divided home of divorce... Yes. Yes. & Yes. Raising kids always came easy to me before my divorce. It's not that it's hard now, the crap of dealing with the emotional shit the other side puts the kids thru is just exhausting & I feel I'm over it. Bleh.

When they're gone is it gone?

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I feel like I'm not cut out for the step mom gig. I hate the exes. I hate blended family. I hate tiptoeing. I hate the in laws. I hate explaining how I have this many kids. He has that many. Oh & that's a 1/2 sibling from the ex. Blah. Blah. Blah. I love my husband. Dearly. There are days I can't stand the way my step kids chew or sneeze. Or anything. In the beginning I thought we could love through this. We were bigger than all the issues. I don't think that now. I feel like the boat capsized. We are drowning at sea. We have 7 years. Ugh. Can't wait to be done with all the crap.

Do you watch your step kids?

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When the bio parent is out of the house, how many of you watch your step kids?

This past weekend when my husband had to work one of the days, I asked that he take the kids to their mom's house. I felt guilty, as he loves my kids so much & is an amazing step dad to them & does so much for our family. The difference is... My kids don't fight it & I have taught them to be respectful & that is required. His children are constantly disrespectful & not pleasant.