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Stepkid weekend

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How many are dreading stepkid(s) weekend? What do you to do cope with the annoyance? I've taken on home improvement projects. Go me.


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Well, my SD is 23 so I no longer have to worry about it but Vodka or wine worked well back in the day.

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I wish I had the opportunity to dread a skid weekend. I am dreading just going home every day 24/7/365. SD15 is so rude, I just walk in and go straight to my room. I really just hate weekends in general. At least during the week I escape to work....I am doublely dreading getting home now, so wants us to all go to dinner. Gag - more like please slit my throat!!!! OK rant over.

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I cope by cleaning. My entire house gets so clean on skid Saturdays, in particular. I stick the kid in front of a screen and go to town cleaning everything in sight. SO works 8:30a-7p every Saturday, so I have a LOT hours to fill.

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I used to hide in my room and drink on those weekends. Now she lives with us, and my drinking is starting to interfere with my kids. I have to dry out, but it's going to be hard!