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Protection order granted

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I got my daughter out on an emergency protection order. We go to court in 10 days. I didn't have "enough" to get my son. The ball is rolling legally & help is on its way for my children. They are secret keepers & are very afraid of their dad, but truly love him also. It's very sad. Please be praying for us all. I just found out that our judge (that we will always go before) also was the judge in his divorce a month ago & was the judge 2 years ago in the molestation case against him with his 3 year old stepson. So... That's great news. The judge knows the turmoil the kids have been living with.

My son goes into do his affidavit this week & we will draw up a motion to modify custody. & I have 4 contempts that will be filed against him, one of which he is having the children around a felon (girlfriend) on a daily basis.... Which in our court order it says they cannot be around a felon.