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SD9 & Greek Mythology

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So I thought I’d share the latest hilarity from SD9.

A little background on why this incident was so funny…

When I met FDH, he claimed that he was “very religious”…his kids knew NOTHING about religion aside from what they saw on those video’s “Veggie Tails”. The few times they went to church that I saw, I asked the Skids what they did at Church & all they said was “Oh, we went out & played.” No Bible stories, no nothing.

Nasty = STUPID

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So, awhile ago I blogged about Nasty wanting FDH & I (yes, she did included me in this stupidity!) to reimburse her for half of the Skids health insurance premiums which were meant to be going up this month. She was wanting over half of her $300.00 per month in CS back.


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Good morning Stalkers Smile

I just wanted to brag about my fan-freaking-tabulous MIL!

My birthday is at the end of the February. MIL has decided that with all that I deal with as far as FDH, the Skids & my school load goes that the best way to celebrate my birthday is to get me away for a couple of days.

Merry Christmas from Nasty...

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Nasty finally managed a whopping THREE minute phone conversation split between the 2 Skids on Christmas Day…SD9 said that she was “in a hurry to get off the phone because she was going out to enjoy Christmas.”

Although Nasty hasn’t found any time in her oober hectic schedule (heavy sarcasm intended) to talk to her own children, she has somehow managed to talk to SO quite a bit over the last week.

Gossipy SD9

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Today, I was studying at the library (I have finals next week!) when SO calls in a panic because the apartment unit above ours was flooded & water was pouring in through the light fixtures & the ceiling (YAY! Perfect timing!!!)

Advice please? (Nasty's birthday)

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Hi all,

I need some advice please...since I don't blog too often, here is a very condensed version of my current situation...

My SO has full custody of SS9 & SD8. They visit their mom (Nasty) for 1-2 weeks per year in the summer. She saw the Skids in July & has skyped with them ONCE (end of August) since then & has had zero contact since September 1st. She is about as uninvolved as she can possibly be. Her last text to the Skids read:

SD14 tries to start a S**T storm...

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I commented to SO this morning about how quiet it’s been on the SD14 & SD16 front lately. I have heard exactly ZERO from or about them in what seems like MONTHS.

SO responded to my comment with “WHAT? WTH would make you think it’s been quiet???”…well…it turns out that SD14 & SD16 kicked up an imaginary shit storm while SO was in Florida. It goes like this…