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Good morning Stalkers Smile

I just wanted to brag about my fan-freaking-tabulous MIL!

My birthday is at the end of the February. MIL has decided that with all that I deal with as far as FDH, the Skids & my school load goes that the best way to celebrate my birthday is to get me away for a couple of days.

She’s taking me to Louisiana this weekend for a MIL/DIL gambling trip! Her big game plan is to go “casino hopping” for two days. She's been planning this "on the sly" for months but had to give me a "heads up" to ensure that the trip wouldn't interfere with necessary study time for my classes.

She called me last night to confirm details for our trip & sounded like a giggly school girl.

I love this woman!


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Wow! So happy for you. My FMIL is great too. Not perfect but she picks up the skids and they stay with her when FDH and I have something planned, and she can't stand Crazo! Wink

Girl time is great. Have fun, and Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Wow! And here I was, convinced that "awesome MIL" was an oxymoron. Lucky you! Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous! I wish my MIL was awesome and not in a sarcastic kind of way. Lol. Wink