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Nasty = STUPID

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So, awhile ago I blogged about Nasty wanting FDH & I (yes, she did included me in this stupidity!) to reimburse her for half of the Skids health insurance premiums which were meant to be going up this month. She was wanting over half of her $300.00 per month in CS back.

She also told FDH that she “should claim the Skids this month on Taxes & will give him half”…FDH didn’t respond to that gem of a text (I filed taxes as soon as his docs were in & yes, he claimed the kids he has 360 days a year). She called him yesterday asking if he’d filed his taxes yet…of course, he had. She then got all butt hurt because he “promised” to let her claim the Skids. Yeah…okay nut job…he never said “OKAY” to your stupid “suggestion”, you just assumed that you’d get your way…oh how wrong you were!

Over the course of the last two months, she has spoken to FDH a god awful amount of times about how screwed she was being, how broke she was going to be once the premiums went up, how she should get to claim the Skids on taxes & etc. She claimed that the premiums would be going from $331.00 per pay period to over $400.00 per pay period. FDH once again told her that if she feels that the State of Texas is expecting too much of her as far as her parental responsibility of support goes, to please request a review through the CSA. Again, she has done zip.

So…to hold Nasty over until this review is done, FDH initially agreed to pay her $75.00 per month to help cover the extra expense of the Skids health insurance once the price goes up.

We got the information packet in the mail yesterday folks & guess what…her premiums went DOWN! The new premium is $237.00 per pay period instead of $331.00. She called FDH today & told him that she expected her $75.00 per month ASAP & she emailed him her cell phone plan log in & password so that we could (as a favor to us of course) pay $75.00 towards her cell phone bill each month.

Hmmmm…now that we have the FACTS, she of course will not be getting jack squat to her phone bill or anything else. Not from us anyway. The shit will hit the fan when FDH can be bothered to write her out an email explaining why she won’t be getting any of her CS money back.

I suppose I could count myself lucky that she has yet to ask to move in with us like Vermeulk's BM did...

On a side note, she hasn't spoken to either SKid since their 3 minute conversation on Christmas day but she's had PLENTY of time to chat with FDH.

*Sigh* Stupidity is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying!


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bm here liked to whine and bitch about "promises" that were never made, too. fucking idiots.