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HELP! Nasty makes her threats again & SO wants to cave (Part 1)

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This post is a background post…to be followed by one with the current situation. On the second post, I will be seeking any information/advice from my fellow STalkers…this one is me, explaining to you what Nasty has pulled (& gotten away with) in the past. I am DONE with this woman & her money grubbing antics...she (& SO because he’s caved so much) have caused massive amounts of drama in my home & in my life.

Please note that SO has custody of the kids…we live in TX. BM Nasty sees the Skids every year for less than a week…she lives in FL. She pays for their health insurance & pays $300.00 in CS per month…both per the CO. The TX OAG has the account & pulls the money directly from her paycheck. She pays NOTHING aside from the CO’d CS…we haven’t even asked for her 50% for medical not covered by the insurance.

Nothing she does is for the Skids…NOTHING. The Skids are lucky if she calls them once a month. Yet, she threatens to take the Skids unless SO gives in to her financial demands…below are just a few things that she’s done so far…if I listed everything, we’d be here all day.

1. Nasty wanted SO to pay her car note…said that it was his credit too & if he loves the Skids he would do it…if he didn’t, she would take the Skids back.
-SO paid her car note a few times during the first year of my relationship with him…you know…to protect his credit…

2. She begged cried & pleaded for SO to purchase her plane ticket from VA to GA in January 2009…apparently she was too broke to make it herself but she had promised the Skids that she would be there…besides, if SO didn’t love the Skids enough to buy her flight, maybe she should take them back.
-He bought her plane ticket…you know…for the Skids…

3. During the first visit she had with the Skids in 2 years, she bitched & moaned to SO about how unhappy the Skids were living with us & said that she wanted custody unless SO started sending CS back to her every month.
-He sent her money back every month, faithfully for months. He told her to request a review through the TX CSA…she never did.

4. Said that she did her job by having the Skids & it is now up to SO & myself to financially support the Skids…she said that it is MY job to support them since I chose to get into a relationship with SO.
-I was luckily sitting next to him when she threw THIS gem out (via phone conversation) & I made my opinion of what she thought perfectly clear…this was when he was sending her money back but started asking if she had requested the review yet.

FINALLY after far too many months of sending the CO’d CS back to Nasty, SO stopped doing it after telling Nasty that she obviously didn’t think the amount was too high…otherwise she would have requested the review…that & I was ready to leave him over the whole fiasco.

Spring Break this year, she again threatened SO with taking the Skids over taxes owed by her for her 401K that she got into for her boob job while they were married…see blog SO has talked to the IRS & has the account separated from Nasty for that year…as a disabled vet without a taxable income, his account is frozen & he is not accruing interest on HIS portion of the debt. He FINALLY told her where to stick it…YAY SO…it’s about time!


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I don't understand why he is giving into her threats when you guys have PC?

It just sounds like empty threats to me...anyway congrats on your SO standing up for himself! Smile