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Oh Joy!

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I’ve blogged before about SS9 & his turd-like behavior towards me since September. Things haven’t changed on that front & I still blame his BM (Nasty) for the way he is acting. SD8 on the other hand has been, for the most part, a decent child to have around. There have been minor attitude outbreaks but I’m sure that that is normal (considering both her age & her genetics).

After nearly 2 months of having ZERO contact with the Skids, Nasty, over the last few days has caused absolute havoc in my home & of course, arguments between SO & myself have taken place because once again, he refuses to call her on her shit.

On Monday, she Skyped with the Skids...spent a whole 10 minutes with them. In that 10 minutes, she cut SS off at least 6 times to tell them about her ER trip for her bladder infection & ignored SD pretty much completely.

On Wednesday, I was sick with the flu. Nasty decides to blow up the Skids phone with calls, voice mails & texts…before the Skids are even home-bound on the bus. She then called SO three times while he was in class. He answered the last call & it went like this…
Nasty: (In a whiney voice) I’m trying to get a hold of my babies!
SO: It’s 2:30!
Nasty: No it isn’t, it’s 3:30!
SO: Really? Is that in FLORIDA? Remember there is a time difference of one hour…they won’t be home until after 4pm.
Nasty: Oh…I’ve tried calling them though.
SO: Are they not answering because they’re at school?
Nasty: Anywho could have answered.
SO: I’m sorry that she didn’t…the Skids will be home at 4:20 & they can call you back once they finish homework.
Nasty: I’ll call Anywho & let her know (she doesn’t even have my number).
SO: She isn’t going to answer…just wait for the Skids to get home.

Skids get home at the scheduled time of 4:20 & I tell them “Once your homework is done, you need to check your phone because your mother has been trying to get a hold of you guys.”…okay…no biggie, right? WRONG! SO decides that the Skids reading time should be cut short (you know, because Nasty has beckoned), SD rips into SS because she’s not happy that SS is sending a text about his day, SS gets upset (& rightfully so) & I tell SD that SS can communicate with his mother however he sees fit & it’s not down to SD to dictate anything to him.

SD calls BM & she tells them “Oh, mommy is going to church now but mommy will talk to my babies later, okay?” SS spends the next 3 hours pacing the halls waiting for the phone to ring while SD’s attitude grows worse. About an hour and a half into the whole ordeal, I ask SO if he is going to text Nasty & remind her that her children were STILL waiting for her to call…he of course say’s “No…why would I do that?” Bedtime roles around & they are sent to bed. They text Nasty to tell her goodnight. She calls 2 hours after their bedtime saying she had JUST gotten out of church & would SO please wake them up so that she can talk to them…he says no, call them tomorrow & the call is terminated.

On Thursday, the Skids were invited to go out with a friend & her son. Great, wonderful. They had 2 hours in which they had free time to talk to their mother…they call, they text, they leave messages for her. She texts back “Mommy is at work, but will talk to my babies later…mommy will get off of work in 20 minutes”. The Skids tell her that they are due to head out at x time…she says okay, she will talk to them before they leave. Again, time runs out, they go out with our friend, come back & need to head to bed. SD had brought home a dessert from the restaurant. She glares at me while surrounding said dessert with her arms…in essence, behaving like a food aggressive dog. GREAT!

Lets see what today has to offer as far as SD with attitude (I’m sure it’s been brought on by this whole fiasco) & SS whose brain has taken a leave of absence…all the while, SO refuses to tell Nasty that she can’t tell the Skids that she will talk to them & not follow through. AWESOME!