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Merry Christmas from Nasty...

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Nasty finally managed a whopping THREE minute phone conversation split between the 2 Skids on Christmas Day…SD9 said that she was “in a hurry to get off the phone because she was going out to enjoy Christmas.”

Although Nasty hasn’t found any time in her oober hectic schedule (heavy sarcasm intended) to talk to her own children, she has somehow managed to talk to SO quite a bit over the last week.

She has decided that SO & I (yes, the witch included ME in this stupidity!!!) should start paying her half of the health insurance premiums which are going up in February…apparently, this takes 4 emails & 8 phone calls to discuss. The money she is wanting back is over half of her $300.00 CS that she pays every month. SO hasn’t told her “no” yet…he’s trying to keep things “amicable”…LMAO…when will he learn?!?!

I wish to God that SO would listen to me! I wish he would stop with this “amicable” shit! I wish he would start having only written communication with this piece of work! I wish that he would realize that no matter how “nice” he is, she will NEVER put the needs of her children above her own wants and desires. She will NEVER be the parent that every child deserves & no amount of “niceness” will change that. NONE!

To top it all off, Nasty texted SO on Christmas Day to tell him to say “Thank you & Merry Christmas” to ME…apparently, she thanks God every single day for me & the fact that I’m doing her damn job. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that I could help! Please bitch-face, do let me know if there’s anything else that I can do for you!

On a happier note, the SKids weren't as evil as last year...they actually managed almost human behavior & said "Thank you" to everyone that got them gifts...I suppose that it's a plus Smile


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Well, apparently, me being a woman has NOTHING to do with my not knowing or understanding why he does this (per him)...apparently, if my XH & I had a kid together, I'd "get it" because then, I'd have to deal with him "for the kids"...however, her calling him has NOTHING to do with the Skids...nothing, zip, zilch, nada! She has not ONCE asked him how they are doing, she has not ONCE asked what they are up to...not once. It's always about HER...HER money, HER life, HER job, HER relationships, HER P.A.S (you MUST read my blog on THAT gem!!!)...this isn't "for the kids" in the least bit...yet...his being "amicable" is. it.

If only our men could see what hideous excuses for women they bred with! If only...

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OMG... She just gets better and better. Oh and is SO going to be spending some lovely quality time with her this summer to keep in amicable. :sick: Blah! Hey, she topped last for for MOTY behavior. Geez. I *think* SO is finally letting it sink in that BM1 (who is Nasty's twin) never gave half a sh*t about SD it was all about him. I showed some of her finer txt and fb messages to me in court when I got my order of protection and in response to an e-mail that said : "You bitches will come and go but I will always remain." The judge said, "I don't think he is with you. And you need to accept that and leave her alone."