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Just stopping in to say hi

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Hi ladies,

It's been a while so I thought I'd drop in and say hello. Things are going pretty well for me and there are lots of things changing. I will post a proper update next week. But just wanted to see how my favorite ladies are doing.

Have I missed any fun drama on here? Any religious zealots with "bonus" kids? Any newbies who told us to eff off when we didn't agree with them? What's the latest?


Question for those who had to move far away from BM/Skids for a job

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My career has been in the financial services field. There is a possibility that I would have to move to take advantage of a new and better job opportunity. We would likely have to move to NY/NJ area so I could work in the city. (We are in FL now). FDH used to live/work there and there are lots of opportunities still there in his industry (far more than here). We do NOT want to move. We love it here. But it may become inevitable at some point in the next six months.

One door closes....

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When I left my job Wednesday, I sent the traditional farewell email out to about 100 people that I'd worked with over the years (people still with the firm). I received an incredible outpouring in response. Lots of people just in total shock. I even heard this deemed "One of the top crackpot decisions EVER made in this place, and we've seen some doozies!".

The former head of my division, who has a HUGE job at my company and is incredibly connected in the industry even emailed saying he was shocked and he's going to help me look for a new position. Wow.

Well, I DID lose my job

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I was right. But they caught me off guard by telling me that my two employees are gone too. The whole team is wiped out and no one knows the details of what we do so the company just screwed itself. Oh well, that's their problem. I have been flooded with calls and emails today. People are in utter shock that this happened. It was very nice to hear from people who think this is the stupidest decision they've ever heard. I feel sorry for the people who will be stuck with the work and who are completely unprepared for it in any way. My system is shut down now!

OMG- I think I am losing my job tomorrow

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My boss is suddenly flying in from another city and set up a meeting with me, in person, at 1230 tomorrow. (I normally work from home so have to go in). I just got the meeting request at 530. She also cancelled another late afternoon meeting with me tomorrow and that was odd. I REALLY think I am getting laid off. I've been with the company over 17 years. This SUCKS.

I made a funny

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Friday night, FDH and I were having dinner. Somehow the topic of my increased dosage of antidepressants came up in discussion. I was basically telling him the new dosage was settling in fine. I could tell he was about to say something and stopped. So I pushed him and told him I knew he had something on his mind he wasn't saying. He finally relented and said:

FDH I am just wondering if this is something you'll be on for the rest of your life

Me Hmmm why are you worried about that?

SD now has a "syndrome" again that causes her behavior-- but the weekend was nice without her and BM ruining it.

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I had a wonderful weekend. My Dad and my StepMom came to visit for the weekend. They had never been to my new house or town so it was great to spend time with them. And yes, I love my StepMom dearly. My son also came to visit for the day yesterday so it was awesome to spend some real time with him. I realized yesterday as I was siting next to my son, who was holding our 15-year old cat that was our first pet when he was 7, looking at FDH and my dad watching football together and my step mom hanging out on her laptop that it is SO nice to be surrounded by my own family.