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I just left town for the night.

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After court today, FDH picked up SD12 for the weekend. She walked in the house and fell asleep in her room (2pm). FDH said he thought she'd been allowed to stay up all night again at BM's. At 4 he starts trying to get her out of bed. For 30 minutes I heard him pleading, arguing and her screaming and throwing a tantrum. I was trying to work, my dog was upset and I was getting ready to lose it.

About to Jump Out of My Skin!

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FDH is at his contempt hearing now. It started an hour ago and I haven't heard a word! I have no idea what's going on. Not even sure if the judge is going to hear his counter-claim today. I am soooo nervous. This could kill us financially if he loses. And if we get the relief we're asking for (that she drive 50% for visitation) it will make things so much better.

I feel like I am seriously about to shake out of my own skin I am so freaking nervous! Do these things normally take this long?

Question- Preparing for contempt hearing

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Not sure if anyone can help. FDH's contempt hearing is coming up. He asked me to help him with it so I am. I've prepared his response to each of the three items. I've also prepared contempt charges for her (keeping kids on his visitation, etc...). Does anyone know what we have to file? I am wondering if we can just file one response that includes his written response to each of her charges plus add in the ones she did. Or if we need to file two motions.

Any advice?


Oh Joy- Contempt Hearing Scheduled Now

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As I previously posted, BM got pissed that FDH was laying down boundaries with her so she responding by filing contempt of court charges against him. One item was completely ridiculous but he may end up owing her some money on the two others. I think he has a good case and that he should also file contempt for her keeping the kids away from him and a couple other things including one thing she's claiming he did. The judge needs to see what's really going on here.

SD's Counselor Had Some Interesting Feedback for FDH

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A week before I disengaged and went on anti-depressants, I told FDH that my only other suggestion for this YSD situation (computer addiction, defiant behavior, refusing to talk to adults, etc...) was for us to pay visit to her therapist without SD and BM and to get her thoughts. Well, he did nothing and I checked out.

Of course, this really got his attention that he'd driven me to the point where I needed meds to deal with life. So he finally made an appointment. He asked me if I wanted to go and I just looked at him like he was crazy.

Underwear is not a camp supply

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Before I disengaged, I told FDH to email BM and see what supplies SD needed for her week away at camp. Last year, she dropped her off at our house with a supply list the night before camp. In addition to everything on it, he also had to buy her bras and underwear. It hit the pocketbook hard with an unexpected expense so I wanted to make sure she knew we'd be splitting it this year. And you know, planning ahead like normal people like to do.

So BM just emailed the list. She said "She used to have a lot of underwear but I don't know where it is now. So she will need that too!"

Update on Doc Visit for Anti-Depressants and FDH's Reaction to the News

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I just got back from the doctor and just ingested my first dose of Prozac which I will need to be on for the next 6 months, minimum. I will also be eating mac-n-cheese for dinner which goes against my paleo diet in every way possible. But I could care less. I have thrown up everything I've eaten all day so I am going to eat something I know my body can handle right now.

Going on Anti-Depressants Today, Joint Investment Account with BM and Other Fun

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I took today off for a mental health day. It was a good idea. I realized that I need to go on anti-depressants and made an appointment to see a doctor this evening. I realized that I have become really depressed and anxious all of the time. I am not sleeping well. When I do, I have anxiety-laden dreams. I can't focus on work. I am not enjoying my life the way I used to. I have to do something about this.

FDH and I at an Impasse Related to YSD-- Time to Disengage!

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I had a conversation with FDH about SD's writing on the wall of her room and what I considered to be atrocious behavior on July 4th. His reaction was that he is going to talk to SD Thursday when she's here about writing on the wall, make her clean it up and any other (non-existent) marks on the wall as a consequence. He really doesn't think it's a huge deal. I am sure he'll forget about it by the time she arrives. He also thinks her behavior at the block party was just "what happens when you bring an intensely shy kid to a party". He also thinks her appearance was fine.